Miracle Throne Index 2(Links should work)

Chapter 1: Mysterious Boy Chapter 2: Meng Ying Wu Chapter 3: Expelled
Chapter 4: Master Shocked Chapter 5: Magic Powered Frying Pan Chapter 6: The Grand Moneymaking Scheme
Chapter 7: The Violent Chu Tian Chapter 8: You Don’t Have Long to Live Chapter 9: The Mayor’s Miscalculation
Chapter 10: Super Drug Refinement Array Chapter 11: A Gamble Chapter 12: A Big Slap to the Face
Chapter 13: Self-Humiliation Chapter 14: The Ashamed and Enraged Da Xiao Jie Chapter 15: Too Late For Regret
Chapter 16: Vicious Scheme Chapter 17: Turning the Tide Chapter 18: Finding the Real Culprit
Chapter 19: Counter Attack Chapter 20: Eradicating the Han Family Chapter 21: The Birth of Miracle Commerce
Chapter 22: Help Me Kick His Ass Chapter 23: Encountering Danger Chapter 24: You Are Already Dead
Chapter 25: Nine Deaths, One Life Chapter 26: The Spring of Life