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Miralce Throne


Legend of the Cultivation God

Translated by Casualtranslator –┬áSporadic

2 thoughts on “Donate / Schedule

  1. just curious….why not keep an option for sponsored chapters over and above your regular queue?… there a time problem? the pace u r translating Legend of the Cultivation God at, i think more people will come to know about the novel and the reader community can be strong! just curious ^^
    thank you for your hard work!


  2. I think it’s just much more relaxing this way, without the invisible pressure of sponsored chapters and one should not force oneself to translate more and more or it could end badly (PMG for example).
    I think, that the reader community can expand regardless of the sponsored chapters, as it naturally grows once the novel has above ~200 chapters as there are many novels with ~100 but few above ~250 so i think it’s okay that way ^^

    Only the opinion of this lowly servant ._.


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