Miracle Throne

I just came to know that someone has started poaching Miracle Throne, We didn’t give our okay to those who are wondering, I don’t know who it is but they should just stop and pickup untranslated novels. Readers please don’t encourage. We haven’t dropped MT.

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Miracle Throne Announcement/Excuse

Miracle Throne will be on hiatus for about two weeks.

For me, this week and next week I have finals, and since I tried to take all the hardest classes in the same year(oops) my grades aren’t that good, and there are end-of-the-year projects and etc, so I won’t be able to translate until summer break (next Thursday).

For our main translator Face McBashy, work is busy for him recently so he’s also out for a while.

Chapters will resume after I go on break.

Sorry for this delay!!