Moved to a new cloud hosting server!

Hi guys as you know the site was down for almost two days as we apparently exceeded the shared server resources allotted to us. Hence we decided to move on to a much higher plan which costs us 65$/month. So there won’t be any problems from now on.

But I only hope you guys add this website to whitelist in your adblock (may be click if possible) and also donate to keep the server running. I hope you understand us.

Novels Ground

Miracle Throne Announcement/Excuse

Miracle Throne will be on hiatus for about two weeks.

For me, this week and next week I have finals, and since I tried to take all the hardest classes in the same year(oops) my grades aren’t that good, and there are end-of-the-year projects and etc, so I won’t be able to translate until summer break (next Thursday).

For our main translator Face McBashy, work is busy for him recently so he’s also out for a while.

Chapters will resume after I go on break.

Sorry for this delay!!

New Announcement !

As you know, We have been quiet over the past two weeks, trying to sort out things on our end.

The reason is our main translator (Face McBashy) was offered a new job. So he is currently occupied with the 5 weeks training course that he has to complete on time. He will be coming back, once the course is over. It won’t be too long. I know you guys can’t wait for that much time.

So in the meantime as an alternative, Essensexn will be taking over Miracle Throne. I hope you guys will understand the predicament that we got ourselves into.

And one last thing – We are glad to announce that we are hosting three new novels – The Mythical Realm, Legend of the Cultivation God, and Martial Hero Rebirth. They will be releasing the chapters at their respective speed. Their release schedule will be updated once they are online.

We have also removed adfly links.

Note:  Miracle Throne chapter 10 is almost complete, will be posted once we resolve some jargon issues as they would often repeat in the future chapters. (Need to discuss with main translator as well as editor).

Have Fun
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