Miracle Throne

I just came to know that someone has started poaching Miracle Throne, We didn’t give our okay to those who are wondering, I don’t know who it is but they should just stop and pickup untranslated novels. Readers please don’t encourage. We haven’t dropped MT.

Novels Ground

Chapter – 146

Translator : Casualtranslator
~ Enjoy ~

#1 : Hi guys, I am planning to take about a 1-2 weeks worth of break after this. Thinking of doing something different for work, and other stuff. BTW good news is that with this chapter the first book 0 is completed and next chapter onwards will be from book 1.


#2 : About MT, the translator aka Essencexn went to summer camp so it is hard for her to translate as of now. May be in a week or two MT will be resumed.


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