634925758940530009 Legend of the Cultivation God

Author : XiaoDuanTanHua
Chapters : 3600+
Status : Ongoing
Genre : XianXia
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When gods gather, lightning will strike and the earth will move. Immortals! Which of the numerous way to immortality should one follow? Immortals are hard to seek, but why should immortals hide? Heaven has no mercy, but humans have emotions, and these emotions hinder the road to longevity! Train the inner self to stay calm, train the external body to be resistant, then cross the three continents and four seas alone, and fight valiantly with demons and devils! With the heavenly baton in hand, raid the devils and demons without any resistance! Take one step to cross nine stars and chase the sword in the dreams! Transverse a thousand li of river and mountains in a single day! The exceptional beings do not mix with the ordinary! Within the universe, where can one find an obstacle! Moving like a dragon, with talent like a phoenix! The heavenly Daos and stars will guide one’s the way!

8 thoughts on “About LOTCG

    • I know now that my comment has no meaning as 6 chapters have been released today. But if you would have read the translator’s note in may, he told that he was busy till June 16. I think that’s why there have been no updates in last 10 days.


  1. i dont expect this to be a GEM
    since the progress and plot armor sure is slow, but it made me curious until i finished the 157 chapters, if i dont read the title maybe i think this would be wuxia.
    it’s remind me when i am reading fantasy series , which is in the front would be contain background, personality, landscape, and mistery that made me surprise and express thumbs up to the author.
    it feel like reading great story but you end up still reading the first book that contain boring feeling.. and waiting for climax again and again when the mystery unveiled


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