Chapter 2 part 1


“Thank you.”

“Hi Revanth – Congrats.”


“Congrats Mister Revanth!”

“Thank you, sir.”

With his head down, he answered everyone’s greetings as he came up the steps.

Peninsula Products was in fourth floor. This was his office. Revanth was a deputy chief executive there.

Upon reaching his chamber, he received a summon from his managing director. He went there.

“Congratulations, I saw this morning’s newspaper….” He said in English. Revanth said him thanks.

“Because of you, our company has also gained good advertisement”

Revanth didn’t speak. To see his employee’s victory in a top-level competition, as  a business angle, he said Johar in his heart for his business expertise. If he had left the business and started playing chess instead, he would have already become a world champion.

TLN : Johar – Salute

After he left that place, he walked to the general manager that was very familiar with him. He was a very busy man. Except for work, he won’t care about anything.

“Come boy, Come! I heard you won a prize in something. What was it again…..carrom board?” He asked while going through the files.

“No sir, it’s Chess.”

“Oho! very good, your name was printed in big letters – are you the team captain?”

“No sir, Chess is a two-player game.”

“Oho! then against whom did you win?”

“Polensky – a world champion, sir”

“Why did he come here?”

“No sir, it was I who went.”

“To where?”


“What? When?”

It was you that had given me leave last week, Sir.

“Yes, right! By the way, why did you go to Russia?”

“Chess Competition, sir.”

“Tournaments – Oho! – then your team has won, good.”

Revanth felt pity for himself. Realizing that it was futile to talk to him, he stood up intending to leave. When he was heading outside, “….. Why there are so many people outside?” He asked.

“There are interviews today, sir.” Revanth said, reminding him.

“Yes, right! I completely forgot about that. Speaking of which, isn’t there a meeting scheduled today at 12 O’clock – how?” He said, while speaking to himself. Revanth went out silently. When he reached his chambers, James that was already sitting there smiled, looking at him. Their friendship was much higher than just simple congratulations. James was marketing manager of Peninsula’s Products.

He was 5 feet 6 inches tall. He had an even and proportionate body. His face was pleasing to look at, though he was black. He had heedless eyes. That heedlessness had grown after his mother eloped when he was 10 years old and when his father had become a degraded drunkard, not taking care of him. He had no respect for women. This wasn’t his fault. There hasn’t been a person that had stirred his heart yet. Routine drudgery made him a bleak person. Indifference dissolved the niceness in him. If he got drunk, he would still be at it for the whole night. If not, he wouldn’t even touch it for four months. If so many bad people try their hardest to pretend to be good people, he on contrast would try his best to pretend to be a bad person. He even earned this name easily from women. However, deep down in his heart, he was still a good person. Who would have such patience? If one could see his life from a third-person’s point of view, humor was created from his carelessness. It would often come out in the form of lines. If drawn with attention, he would have become a cartoonist. 8 women of which 7 women and a young window that were working in the Peninsula company can’t stand him at all.

Revanth was totally opposite to this. His life was like a painting that was attentively drawn by a great artist. It was very systematic. Waking up at 5, playing chess for five hours and then go to office with his aristocracy coat on. He was 5 feet 5 inch tall. His mind was clear like an autumn sky, and his form was like a lotus full of youthful vigor. Despite his job and status, his voice neither carried a domineering tone nor did have a smug personality.

People had naturally befriended him, just as different poles attract each other.

“I came to the airport. But, by the time I got there, the plane had already departed it seemed.” James said.

Revanth smiled and said, “You shouldn’t have troubled yourself.”

“Isn’t it because you flew our flag and returned.”

The smile on Revanth’s face disappeared and he became dejected. He then slowly said, “As soon as I stepped off the plane, my eyes searched… I know the victory that I had attained is not small. I wasn’t expecting a grand welcome, nor garlands, nor fans. But, you know James! Even the Regional Sports Secretary didn’t come, at least for formality.”

“Because you’re a chess player and not a cricket player. Is it for this reason?”

“No, because I’m a Telugu person.”

Piercing the stifled silence, he sorrowfully said.

“You’re also an artist. You should’ve known this! Sportsperson and Artist are like small children. If you show some enthusiasm towards them, they would feel elated and happy. If someone praise them by saying, “we have recognized your success”, then they would work hard and strive for more. Nowadays, this kind of respect was lacking…..”

His phone rang.

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