New Novel – Girl in the Moonlight

Hey you guys still kickin?

Myself and my friend are working on this novel – Girl in the Moonlight. It’s an Indian novel written by Yandamoori Veerendranath. Original language is in Telugu, and Kannada.

I hope you guys like it.

Synopsis :

Girl in the moonlight revolves around a chess player and a telephonic conversation. The novel starts with a young chess player, Revanth, who went to Russia for participating in World Championships. Interestingly, Revanth won the world championship and became champion.

He got a call from an unknown girl who congratulates him. She likes him very much and follows him. During the conversation, she challenged him to identify her name and address. In return, he also started liking her and found out the first part of her name.

Long Synopsis :

Only 118 minutes left before the deadline she gave him to find her phone number. The aircraft is about to get ready for it’s take-off on the runway. Just then an idea flashed before him.

The result is …?

The moving plane stopped. Announcements were made over mike repeatedly for him. But he was dialing his phone leisurely. Total telephone department was cast a net to find her number. Does he find her (No.) finally, even at the last moment…?

A fragile fight between a chess champion and an Oxford girl –

From fairly small puzzles to the Pythagoras theory –

With a handy use of telephone department as a backdrop –

A novel which puts you in suspense every minute and leaves an eternal mellifluous feel in your mind after.

Chapter 1 will be posted shortly.


LOTCG is actually a QIDIAN novel, which is why I think most of the translators aren’t considering it. And if you want to get this one translated please send an email to QIDIAN. I have already sent them an email regarding this.

There are still people wanting for this novel to get translated. You could also send a message to @Qidian guy in Novelupdates. May be QIDIAN would consider it.

One thought on “New Novel – Girl in the Moonlight

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