Indefinite break

Hi All

Thanks for following this novel so far.

I am sorry to announce this but i will not be translating in the near future.

I started this project because i entered the workforce recently then, and had much spare energy to direct somewhere. At the same time, there were not many translations that exceeded 100 chapters out there, so i wanted to give back a little to the community. However, as I have gotten more busy lately, it has become draining just to take out a few hours to translate a chapter.

I still remain as an avid reader of other translations, and would like any aspiring translators out there to know that they are free to pick up this novel if they wish too.

Thanks again for reading my translations.


10 thoughts on “Indefinite break

  1. Thanks for your hard-work. It was an enjoyable read. I hope you can come back to novel translation when you are not too loaded with your work.


  2. thanks for all you hard work.

    I love Legend of the Cultivation God and think its a pity that you cant keep going on, RL is ruthless indeed.

    its saddening that such amazing novel will stop here (for now at least), this is one of my favorite until now.

    I hope everything goes well in your RL and that someday in the future you may come back to continue it or start another amazing translation.


  3. sad T.T my xiaohua.. i’ll miss youuuu
    your translation is one of the best quality out there ^^
    thank you for informing us instead of just fading away. RL is important because when need money to life and to connect to internet >.<


  4. Thanks for all the chapters thus far; I really enjoyed this novel! Both the story and translation quality were fantastic! Thanks for a good read. I’ll be waiting patiently to see what the future has in store for this novel.


  5. Oh hey dude, I tried to check your latest update on this site, I just started reading your Tls. Anyways, thanks for your hardwork on translating novels. GL on RL.
    Good luck on my school too, sigh. Not motivated…


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