Chapter – 29

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Contract Crisis



Chu Tian went back to being busy when he returned.

He boiled a large pot of baby python soup!

Chu Tian finished a few large bowls of soup, the flesh and content contained rich nutrients that immediately caused the body to strengthen to almost comparable with the fifth level.

Of course, since he had strengthened himself twice before, the effect was not as pronounced as before.

Chu Tian was not anxious either.

Cultivation required steady growth, and now was not the time for him to have a breakthrough.

“Chu Tian did awesomely!” When Chu Tian carried the pot of soup to the living room, Meng Ying Ying smiled with her eyes and gave a thumbs up: “I have not misjudged you at all!”

Chu Tian brought the soup to the front of the two ladies.

Meng Ying Ying was in a rage and she slammed her fist onto the table, stood up, and said severely, “Heh, I actually didn’t know. Had I known that he would bully my elder sister, I would have chopped him up into small pieces!”

“Many thanks for little missy Ying Ying’s idea, I shall definitely chop them up into pieces next time!” Chu Tian said as he scooped a bowl: “Eat something, you must be hungry.”

Meng Ying Ying stuck out her tongue playfully.

What is one talisman factory’s worth?

Was her sister’s sadness justified?

Any obstacles can be passed through as long as Chu Tian was here!

Meng Ying Ying took a sniff and asked: “What is this? It smells great!”

“Blood-Woven Python soup. Not only does it improve your strength, it helps to grow your breasts and makes your body more mature!”

“Che, I don’t need such things.”

Meng Ying Ying replied as she snatched the largest bowl away.

“What a strong effect!” Meng Qing Wu exclaimed after two sips, her body felt warm and her beautiful face reddened: “Is this really python soup? How did you make it become this!”

Meng Ying Ying recounted the events to her elder sister.

“This… is too dangerous!” Meng Qingwu was deeply frightened: “The both of you are so careless. You must bring enough bodyguards out from now on!”

What use were the bodyguards?

All the rotten bodyguards in the house could not be compared to Chu Tian!

“Southern Cloud Commerce is close to its end, I am prepared to end the business and liquidate all the capital to invest and launch Miracle Commerce.” Meng Qing Wu hesitated for a while before sharing her idea, “Chu Tian, what do you think of this?”

Chu Tian replied doubtfully: “Are you really willing to end the business?”

Meng Qing Wu’s gaze turned hurtful and she cooed: “So what if I am unwilling? The herb store had failed, and the talisman store was given away. All that is left is worthless junk that has no potential to grow the business anymore. We cannot pay the salaries of our thousand over employees. Instead, we can still earn some four to five thousand golds if we sell off our capital now and settle our debts.”

Meng Ying Ying also felt upset, she was clearer than anyone else on her elder sister’s feelings towards Southern Cloud Commerce. This was not just the effort of six years of struggling, it was the only inheritance from their parents!

Chu Tian’s reply was shocking: “There is no need to dissolve the business. Southern Cloud Commerce will become a powerhouse in less than two years!”

Meng Qing Wu was stunned: “What, what did you say?”

Chu Tian explained: “You must understand Miracle Commerce’s position. We are not focused on any specific area of commerce, but diversified in a large number of areas. Even though Southern Cloud Commerce is facing difficulties right now, it at least has a lifeline to hold onto and tide through this crisis. From then on, it will become a commerce house under the Miracle Commerce group, and will be responsible for miracle group’s talisman and herb businesses!”

“That’s right, Chu Tian is extremely knowledgeable about talismans, and even more awesome in refining herbs!” Meng Ying Ying stood up agitatedly and said to her elder sister: “Southern Cloud Commerce will board the most miraculous ship and travel further than it ever did! Jiejie, we did not lose out! You can continue to steer Southern Cloud Commerce!”


It was just like a dream!

Southern Cloud Commerce would not change its business in talisman and herbs, and it would even become larger than its previous peak? Meng Qing Wu was unsure how capable Chu Tian was in both fields, but at least, the alchemist association president Zhang Li Qing and refining association elders are under the influence of Chu Tian. Hence, Southern Cloud Commerce definitely has a chance of survival!

Chu Tian said in full confidence: “Southern Cloud Commerce will dominate the talisman and herb market of the entire nation, or even the entire continent! The future is certain even though the road might be long.”

Meng Qing Wu could not help but feel doubtful at such boastful words. It was already good enough if they could dominate the entire nation’s market.

“There is no need to think too far ahead. Just this small nation, or even the central district is already a large enough challenge.” Meng Qing Wu paused for a moment: “The main task at hand is to open the doors of our Miracle business. It would be best if we can capture everyone’s attention and create a large commotion.”

Chu Tian replied immediately without pause: “I have already made a plan, and will announce the launch of our establishment on the summit.”

Tian Nan City summit was a gathering of suppliers for the military, and was indeed an extremely good opportunity. Chu Tian estimated that he should be able to achieve some accomplishments if he participated in the genius competition.

It was a really good opportunity.

“Elder little missy!”

“Elder little missy!”

“It’s horrible, we have been ransacked!”

A housekeeper rushed out anxiously.

What was going on?

Who would come over here to steal?

Meng Qing Wu frowned: “What is missing?”

The housekeeper was covered in sweat: “We have yet to confirm, but the thief was spotted coming out of second little missy’s room before escaping from our pursuit.”

“That’s strange, our house does not have anything valuable!” Meng Ying Ying was feeling confused when her eyes suddenly widened, “Could it be… Oh no!”


The bowl shattered on the floor!

The soup split everywhere!

Meng Ying Ying’s face turned as white as sheet, she rushed into her own room without explaining anything.

What was the matter?

Meng Qing Wu and Chu Tian exchanged glances.

Meng Ying Ying’s room was thrashed into a mess, her heart thumped as she rushed to her bedside and took out an ordinary-looking box from under her pillow.



It must not!

Anything else but that!

This thing cannot be lost!

Her two trembling hands opened the box.

The box was empty, there was nothing inside.

Right at that moment, Meng Ying Ying felt like her heart was hollow.

Meng Ying Ying felt a wave of dizziness, the next thing she saw was the ceiling and with a thud, she fell onto the floor, her face ashen.

“Ah! Ying Ying!”

Meng Qing Wu rushed forward and supported her sister. Meng Ying Ying seemed to have been struck by some severe shock, her face was pale, her sweat pouring. Her mouth was opened and her eyes appeared glazed.

“What has happened?”

Meng Ying Ying was like a corpse who did not respond no matter what.

Meng Qing Wu became more worried: “Don’t scare me, what is the matter?”

Meng Ying Ying regained her senses, tears dribbled from her eyes as she said, “The contract… is stolen! They stole the contract!”

Contract, what contract?

Could it be!

Meng Qing Wu collapsed as well, she looked at Chu Tian who was at the side anxiously.

Meng Ying Ying cried out: “Chu Tian’s contract!”

Chu Tian’s face gradually changed: “No way! It can’t be!”

“Chu Tian, I… I have let you down!” Meng Ying Ying was extremely distressed as she said, “I have long wanted to return the contact to you but… I never expected this to happen!”

Chu Tian’s slave contract was stolen?

The slave’s spirit was imprinted inside his contract, the owner of the contract may kill the slave anytime he liked, which is how a master can control his slave by.

Since Chu Tian’s slave contract was missing, it also meant that Chu Tian’s life was in the hands of some stranger, and they could threaten Chu Tian to do their bidding with his life!

Meng Ying Ying had committed a grave mistake but it was too late for regrets, “I have no talent, and I am not smart. I selfishly held on to your contract because I was afraid you would leave me, but I truly did not mean to use it against you. I have really no such intention! If I knew this would happen, I would have definitely returned it to you!”

Meng Qing Wu was also extremely worried!

This was a matter of life and death!

Meng Qing Wu also felt guilty: “How could you keep something so important in a place without any guards?”

Meng Ying Ying could not help but feel even more guilty, she had completely dashed all the hope they managed to salvage earlier on.

Chu Tian had helped me out so much.

Chu Tian had saved our entire family.

I… What have I done!

Meng Qing Wu looked at her crying sister who was ridden with guilt and self-hate. She was also very upset; it was the first time she saw her sister this upset since their parents’ passing.

“The thief has to be one of those relatives, the Ye family probably investigated Chu Tian and discovered his exceptional abilities which is why they stole his slave contract.” Meng Qing Wu clenched her fist, her gaze was filled with hatred as she continued: “I am also responsible for this loss. Call everyone now and chase that thief!”


Could the thief still be caught?

Meng Ying Ying’s eyes flashed decisively, she stood up and prepared to run out: “I will get it back!”

Meng Qing Wu was afraid that her sister would do something stupid, she hurriedly pulled her back, “What does Ying Ying want to do?”

Meng Ying Ying’s expression hardened: “Ye family must be behind this, I shall go over and demand it back. I can do whatever they want as long as they return it to me!”

Meng Qing Wu smiled bitterly: “Silly sister, the reason they stole the contract is so they can control Chu Tian, to make him serve them. It is too late to do anything now!”

“Don’t hold me back!” Meng Ying Ying struggled from her sister as she head towards the door: “I will not let Chu Tian fall into their hands. I definitely have to try something!”

A body blocked her off from her front.

A pair of warm hands held her shoulders.

“Calm down.”

Meng Ying Ying’s guilt was at its highest point, she could no longer look at Chu Tian in the eye. Chu Tian had always treated her well, and even saved her life before.


How has she repaid him?

When Meng Ying Ying reflected, not only was she fierce towards him usually, she even lost Chu Tian’s life and freedom to someone else!

She could not forgive herself!

She definitely has to get it back no matter the cost!

Meng Ying Ying rubbed her eyes, she asked pitifully: “Do you hate me?”

“Silly girl, how serious can this be? Wipe off that tragic look on your face” Chu Tian wiped off Meng Ying Ying’s tears and patted her skinny shoulders before supporting her to go back, “Stop crying so much and wash yourself up!”


What time is it!

Your life is in the line this time!

Chu Tian said: “Who cares about some dog crap contract, I have never placed it in my eye! If not, do you think they could steal it away? I would have stolen it back first!”


Meng Ying Ying and Meng Qing Wu had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

The spirit was something that could not be fully comprehended in this era. Once a slave signs on a contract, his life would be in the hands of his master, and never had anyone broken off his control before.

However, Chu Tian had hundreds of ways to break free, the simplest method was to enter the Spirit Awakening Realm. As long as he enters the Spirit Awakening Realm, his freedom would naturally be regained.

However, he had to think of another plan now that the contract was stolen.

Using a beast’s soul as a substitute could temporarily dispel the control over his spirit.

A beast soul is an extremely valuable material, only a beast above the second level can cultivate one. It was also difficult to preserve a beast soul, which is why it is always hard to find one in the market, especially in a market as small as this city.

Chu Tian’s luck was pretty good!

Wasn’t there a use for the Blood Woven Python soul now?

The slave contract should not have made its way into the Ye family hands yet. Chu Tian had to hurry: “I have a sort of magic that allows me to regain my spirit back. Hurry and find me a quiet room. I’m afraid it would be too late once the contract is delivered over.”

Chu Tian walked into a room and retrieved the blood-colored beast core from his breast.

There is no other choice!

Just use it!

The Blood Woven Python was a second level beast, Chu Tian was unable to control the energy of the core directly. Chu Tian could borrow its spiritual energy to repair his previously amputated spirit to construct a completely whole one.

The slave contract would then be nullified.

Chu Tian drew a talisman and placed the beast core in its center, stimulated his magical energy, and a translucent shadow was extracted from the beast core.

Chu Tian swallowed it directly!

Let’s begin!

Chu Tian began to refine the beast spirit!

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  1. You know? I actually more fond of this translation site than novelsreborn, that’s why I’m kinda disappointed when the project moved. But, what could I, a mere reader, do to change this fact? I could only say thank you for translating this novel up till now.

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  2. Meng Ying Ying had committed a grave mistake but it was too late for regrets, “I have no talent, and I am not smart. I selfishly held on to your contract because I was afraid you would leave me, but I truly did not mean to use it against you. I have really no such intention! If I knew this would happen, I would have definitely returned it to you!”


    How has she repaid him?

    When Meng Ying Ying reflected, not only was she fierce towards him usually, she even lost Chu Tian’s life and freedom to someone else!

    She could not forgive herself!

    ..huff. At least she admits it. But Chu Tian. Stop being so forgiving towards her.. it makes me feel so angry on your behalf.


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