Chapter – 28

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Beating up the Cousin



It was already enough that first uncle was trying all sorts of means to swallow his niece-in-law’s fortune, but now he was actually forcing the two nieces to marry his own son?

How had this crazy idea appeared in his head?

This elder cousin brother was no simple character as well. To force his two younger cousin sisters to marry him as if it was the most natural thing in this world, how could such a shameless person exist?

“Shut up! What right do you have to intrude in our family’s matters?” Zhao Yi’s eyes were on his two cousins, beautiful as fairies. He had been planning to take advantage of the current opportunity, but who would have guessed that the eyesore Chu Tian would appear: “You are just trash who is living off his master.”

Chu Tian chuckled: “At least I have shame, unlike some beast in human clothing.”

Zhao Yi’s glare became murderous as he said: “Once a slave, always a slave. Do you think you can rely on my cousin’s kindness and yet behave like this? I can kill you as easily as I can kill an ant.”

Chu Tian’s eyes curved into a smile and a flash of brilliance appeared in his eyes.

Anyone familiar with Chu Tian would know that the situation had become dangerous whenever Chu Tian had that expression on.

Meng Qing Wu, at the end of her patience, said: “Zhao Yi, don’t push too far!”

Zhao Chang He said to his son, “Why do you side with a servant, don’t you feel like **? Sit first and we shall discuss the important matters.”

“There is no need to talk!” Meng Qing Wu said in a determined voice: “I will definitely not agree to such a ridiculous matter. That is all for today, please excuse yourself out!”

Zhao Chang He’s attitude hardened and he said: “Yi-er is your best choice for the development of Southern Cloud Commerce and your two’s future. We did not come here to discuss as well, there is no use resisting.”

“Zhao Change He is absolutely right!”

“Souther Cloud Commerce’s recent performance is disappointing!”

“Continue the marriage relations with Zhao family or get out of the commerce house!”


Meng Qing Wu clenched her fist as her anger reached its highest point.

Zhao Chang He ignored her feelings and said in a voice that suggested that he was not willing to put up with any resistance: “Yi-er, prepare yourself. This matter has to conclude swiftly.”

“Many thanks, father!” Zhao Yi replied in happiness: “I will definitely hold a perfect wedding and bring Qing Wu into our family proudly.”

Not a single person considered Meng Qing Wu’s feelings.

There was no room for discussion since the beginning!

You object? Fine, everyone will pull out their investment and you return the workshop instead! Who didn’t know that this is your lifeline! Who didn’t know that you, Meng Qing Wu, treasure your parent’s business more than anything else?

Meng Qing Wu was so angry that her eyes stung, and tears were about to pour out. Fortunately, her sister was not in the room or she would have lost control. She threw a pleading look towards Chu Tian, she was out of her wits in this situation and the fellow always had many ideas around him. Could he help out this time round again?

Chu Tian received gratification from his young mistress, he shall not hold back in this case!

Chu Tian stood up and shouted “Everyone get out”


Meng Qing Wu was stunned.

Everyone were like strangled ducks and they shouted back in uproar, how dare a person of lowly status spoke like that towards them?

A relative stood up in anger: “You……”

Chu Tian threw a slap across the other party’s face. The relative was slapped even before he could finish his sentence, he yelped out in pain before Chu Tian added another kick into it and flung him afar.

Such violent behavior!

How dare he attack someone?

These people came over due to the downturn in the herb market, they wanted to seize the opportunity when South Cloud Commerce had liquidity difficulties to demand for their money back.

Chu Tian rubbed his palms and said: “Doesn’t this grandson only wants his broken investment back?! Just return it to them then! All of you get out!”

“You brash slave, how dare you break into our family matters and damage our relations!” Zhao Yi stood up without thinking and said: “Father, I want to cripple him!”

Zhao Chang He did not obstruct his son, he felt that Meng Qing Wu should be given a scare so he said coldly: “Cripple? Why do we need to keep such a person? Kill him!”

Meng Qing Wu replied anxiously: “You dare!”

“Cousin, why are you so foolish? You don’t know how to treasure my genuine feelings! This fellow is brash and violent, he would cause trouble in your family sooner or later. This brother must kill him today for your sake, and for the family’s sake!”

“Receive your death!”

Zhao Yi raised his right foot and his magical energy condensed into a sharp and heavy force. Like a giant Warhammer, he swung it over towards Chu Tian’s head. This strike which was not reserved at all contained his intent to kill, and Chu Tian would definitely not survive if he took the hit head on!


Chu Tian raised his right elbow and retaliated – Hurling Heaven Fist!

The right fist was like a fire arrow released from its socket, a huge gust of wind was raised when the two forces collided. One could only hear the sound of bones breaking before a tragic yelp followed.

“Ah-!” Zhao Yi fell heavily onto the ground, his right leg was obviously twisted and his bones were fractured into smithereens, “My leg!”

“Acting almighty with just a cultivation of five levels!”

Chu Tian was not adept in just skills and martial arts, his body had been refined after bathing in the spring water and refining it through python blood. Hence, even though his cultivation was weaker, how could the soft-like-cotton fist hurt him?

A sixteen to seventeen year old youth breaking the leg of a central school student with one punch?

Everyone was shocked and their face lost color.

Who was the useless cripple now?

“Central school even accepts thrash like you, it might else well close down now!” Chu Tian raised his hand towards Zhao Yi who was on ground that was littered with fresh blood and broken teeth, he said: “Didn’t you try to kill me? I’ll cripple you first!”

Zhao Yi was even more terrified, he said: “Stop!”

Zhao Chang He was even more livid, he said: “You dare! Beast!”

Chu Tian slapped his palm across Zhao Yi’s abdomen causing Zhao Yi’s magical energy to dissipate into thin air. From then on, Zhao Yi has become crippled!

Such a decisive and cruel action, he crippled the other party immediately after saying he would without leaving a shred of mercy.

Meng Qing Wu did not expect it, no one did.

Even though the Zhao family was not some large reputable clan, it still had some power within the central capital. The entire Zhao family would definitely be enraged if news of this event travelled back to them.

Southern Cloud Commerce had officially made a clean break with Zhao family!

“You dare to cripple my son!” Zhao Chang He was surprised and furious, his two hands raised in the air as he roared: “I am going to kill you!”

Chu Tian laughed coldly: “You? Get lost!”

One kick!

With just one kick!

Zhao Change He fell several meters away like a dog in crap. His cultivation was only slightly higher than Zhao Yi, and Chu Tian would not put them into his eye as long as his opponent has not reached six levels!

Chu Tian’s mad actions was an eye-opening experience to the audience, everyone felt like they were kept in a freezer, and the youth standing before them was no ordinary youth but demonic king with blood all over him.

“Aren’t you very arrogant?”

“Didn’t you want to finish me off?”

“Since you want my life, all of you owe me yours!

Owe me your life?

Such words were even said out!

This fellow was crazy beyond reason causing the audience to be stunned, this youth was extremely terrifying!

Meng Qing Wu trembled, she did not know whether to celebrate or console herself. What Chu Tian did was necessary even though she was unwilling to do it herself. The Zhao family was her maternal family after all, and she was reluctant to have a clean break with them. But… Zhao Chang He was too unreasonable!

When she saw Chu Tian’s tyrant figure, and when she saw Chu Tian’s crazy face, her vision grew blurry until she composed herself again.

Chu Tian… Thank you!

Meng Qing Wu left a precious drop of tear.

Zhao Change He’ face was pale and his tears were streaming down: “Meng Qing Wu, you heartless thing. I can still remember the days when I set up the Southern Cloud Commerce, and the sweat and effort I put in. Now that you have grown wings, you are treating me like this… you are a cruel, selfish, disloyal beast!”

“Cruel, selfish, disloyal” Meng Qing Wu laughed as anger flashed across her beautiful eyes. Since things had progressed to this step, she might as well let it all out: “I have been wanting to ask you these for many years!”

Zhao Chang He was stunned.

Meng Qing Wu used an icy voice to ask: “Six years ago, my parents were delivering a secret parcel through an unknown route yet were ambushed mid-journey. The entire troupe perished, so why did you alone survive?”

Zhao Chang He replied hoarsely: “Don’t even try to malign a good person, that was a demonic beast ambush!”

“Demonic beast ambush? That was what you said as you were the only witness then. However, your heart should be most clear about the truth! You betrayed my parents, and you sold our route trip to the Ye family, isn’t that right?”


An avalanche occurred in Zhao Change He’s heart!

She already knew about this!

Or to say, Meng Qing Wu had always suspected himself, but kept her emotions in check during the many years. This woman’s true self was unfathomable!

Meng Qing Wu always held on to her suspicion but she never had sufficient evidence. However, her suspicions were confirmed when she saw Zhao Chang He’s reaction that day!

“Southern Cloud Commerce had uncountable troubles following then. Our technology producer left us, our supplier faced difficulties, the store people were harassed, the factory was broken into. During this time, you took a group of people to swallow the family fortune, causing Southern Cloud Commerce to fall even further. Is this what you mean by loyalty? Zhao Chang He, you are undeserving!”

Zhao Change He’s face was pale and green: “You dare to frame me!”

“If this is about the talisman factory I can give it to you all! But on one condition, that we no longer have relations to each other from this moment henceforth!”

Meng Qing Wu threw a bunch of talisman blueprints onto the floor.

A relative hurriedly went over to pick it up and examine it.


“Meng Qing Wu!”

“Watch out! We’ll go now!”

Was Meng Qing Wu really willing to hand out the talisman factory? The talisman business was Southern Cloud Commerce’s core business! However, since things have fallen to this state, she might as well earn less money!

All these people were there only for their own gains, they never cared about familiar relations. Since Zhao Chang He was no longer reliable, they might as well leave with all the benefits first. Thus, everyone hurriedly scattered.

However, Chu Tian shouted one word: “Wait!”

Everyone looked at each other, a shred of fear appeared in their eyes.

Chu Tian revealed an evil smile: “Do you not understand human speech? I allow you to roll off, listen carefully, it is roll off!”


“You are pushing it too far!”

Everyone’s face turned a metallic green shade.

“Why didn’t you think the same when you were bullying others?” Chu Tian said coldly: “I shall count to three. Whoever does not roll shall never be able to walk again! One! Two!”

“I’ll roll!”

“We’ll roll!”

Everyone including the Zhao father-son were frightened to the floor and they started rolling slowly towards the door. Chu Tian was too terrifying, he crippled Zhao Yi without even blinking. Since he said something like this, everyone believed he would follow through with his words!

Meng Qing Wu looked at the group of people rolling out as obedient as dogs, she was unsure of her feelings and said: “I have lost everything.”

Chu Tian smiled slightly: “What is there to be scared of, just me is sufficient!”

Meng Qing Wu heard the hint of badness in his words, she felt her nose sour and hurriedly turned away.

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