Chapter – 27

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Family Meeting



Tian Nan City.

In front of the gate of the Meng family there were several unfamiliar carriages pulled by beasts.

The most luxurious beast carriage had a flag with a picture of a Dragon Eagle.

Meng Ying Ying carefully scrutinized the Dragon Eagle flag for a while: “This is the Central Continent Institute’s emblem!”

Chu Tian curiously asked: “What is the Central Continent Institute?”

“You don’t even know this? You are really a big wood louse*! Meng Ying Ying didn’t let go of a single opportunity to express scorn for Chu Tian, “The Central Continent Institute is the biggest institute in the entire Central Continent! The conditions for getting into the institute are extremely harsh! At the moment, they only have around 20,000 people enrolled. In the institute, there are as many experts as there are clouds in the sky, and their status is exceptionally revered!”

*TN: When you call someone a wood louse, you are calling them uneducated because (I think) their heads are buried in the wood all the time

Institutes and guilds were very similar in some aspects. They were both semi-official organizations founded with the support of the kingdom, and every year, the national treasury would allocate funds to them to support their development. Of course, the kingdom would not give out money without any conditions. These organizations also needed to make their organization of corresponding worth to the kingdom.

The value of every major guild was in their research – for example, the Pharmacist Guild would formulate various kinds of drug recipes every year while the Alchemist Guild would invent many kinds of new talismans every year, and so on… This increased the influence of the kingdom in people’s lives.

Student organizations placed importance on grooming people with great talent for martial arts. Every year they would give the **king and the **government a large amount of geniuses, nurturing especially a lot of strong warriors to increase the kingdom’s military strength.

One civil and one military.

They perfectly complemented each other.

A crowd of strange yet familiar faces had come to the Meng household. There was the sixth aunt, the fourth uncle, the cousin’s wife, another aunt……they were all relatives. Meng Ying Ying’s arrival caught the attention of these people.

“It’s Meng Ying Ying, I wonder what cultivation level she’s achieved”.

“Haven’t seen her for years, she has been growing more and more beautiful.”

“What’s the use of looking pretty, she’s only a piece of trash. Without her sister supporting her, how could she have her current status?”

“Exactly! If there wasn’t a Meng Qing Wu bolstering her, could she still have this dignified life as a rich young miss? She probably would’ve been married off to some other family as a concubine long ago!”

“Exactly, exactly!”


The people were wagging their tongues animatedly among themselves in private.

But they did nothing to conceal the disdain and contempt in their eyes.

They normally had no contact with this bunch of relatives, so why were they all here now? Meng Ying Ying, full of suspicion, decided to look for her sister to make things clear.

There’s something not right about this atmosphere?

Who cares!

What doesn’t affect oneself should be ignored*!

*TN: This is a Chinese proverb

As soon as Chu Tian changed into another set of clothes, he went to get some rest without warming his butt*.

*TN: a saying for immediately



Bursts of clear ringing sounded out from the clock. This was the signal for assembling all the people.

Was it time for dinner?

Chu Tian hurriedly scuttled off.

Inside the hall stood a massive round table, with around twenty to thirty people sitting around it. The expression on every person’s face was very serious.

“Where did this slave come from? Halt!” A middle-aged man with a rat face* blocked Chu Tian, his triangular eyes levelling a scathing look at him. He then took a quick glance at his crude attire and said with a shrill, grating voice: “Is this place somewhere someone with your status can enter? Scram!”

*TN: 尖嘴猴腮 directly translates as someone’s “mouth sticks out and (they) have a chin like an ape’s”, also can be translated as “rat-faced”

Chu Tian remained unruffled, smiling and saying: “And what kind of thing are you, that you have the qualifications to block me?”

“You don’t even know who I am, yet dared to come here to work?” The rat-faced middle-aged man burst into anger: “I’m the shareholder of the Southern Cloud Chamber of Commerce, Meng Qing Wu’s second uncle. A mere slave dares to speak to me like this? Simply unforgivable! Someone come! Slap him a hundred times!”

This middle-aged man was purposely disciplining the servants in front of Meng Qing Wu.

It wasn’t like he really wanted to make things difficult for Chu Tian, but it was most likely to try to take Meng Qing Wu’s authority down a notch.

Unfortunately, this guy was surely down on his luck.


A ringing slap on the face!

This so-called second uncle was directly knocked over!

A second ago, Chu Tian still had a smile on his face. In an instant, the guest had taken over the place of the host*, stepping on the second uncle: “What kind of thing are you, you motherfucking trash!”

Not to mention a disgusting man like you!

If Meng Qing Wu dared to speak to me like this, I would still spank her on the spot!

“You…… you dare to hit me!” Half of the second uncle’s face had swelled up to be as big as a Chinese bun. He fear-strickenly opened his eyes wide, spitting out several broken and cracked teeth. He hurriedly started begging for help from the inside, “This dog-slave is mad! Older brother, save me!”

Chu Tian gave an embarrassed little laugh: “This one of my arms has a condition, it naturally has a kind of reflex. Whenever it meets bastards like you, it’s hard to control, it’s really embarrassing ah……aiya, not good, I’ve lost control again.”


Another slap in the face!

Chu Tian didn’t show any mercy.

The second uncle was hit unconscious!

“This crazy slave dares!” A skinny middle-aged man with two small tufts of moustache slapped the table, furiously standing up. He angrily glared at Meng Qing Wu: “Meng Qing Wu, is this how you manage the people under you?”

A young man clothed in white stood up, a smile on his clear and handsome face: “Father, don’t be angry. As a girl, my cousin is managing the commerce by herself, so inevitably there would be evil servants who she can’t control. Don’t fuss too much over this matter.”

The middle-aged man humphed: “Yi-er*, all you know is how to speak up for her. Look at what condition the commerce has become!”

*TN: This person’s name is Yi, his last name is Zhao, and a way for older relatives/parents to call their kids is to add an “er” to the end

“If my cousin doesn’t manage the commerce well, we’ll just manage it for her instead.” The handsome white-clothed young man, Zhao Yi, skimmed his eyes over Chu Tian, who was at the door. He coldly said: “What are you people looking at? Drag this evil servant out immediately, break his two legs, destroy his cultivation, and kick him out of the Meng family!”

“There’s a limit to how far you can go!” Meng Qing Wu snapped: “In here you know who is the president!”

The Zhao family’s father and son exchanged glances.

A relative said in a harsh tone and severe expression: “Meng Qing Wu, what kind of a person are you! Your family’s been put to shame, yet you blatantly take the side of this slave, this arrogant outsider! With this kind of high-handedness, it’s no wonder Southern Cloud Commerce has fallen to this kind of situation today!”

Meng Qing Wu said dismissively: “How I govern this commerce is my own business.”

Chu Tian scratched his head: “This is embarrassing, did I come to the wrong place? Then I’m leaving!”

“Chu Tian, you’re supposed to be here, come sit!” Meng Qing Wu gave him a hard look. Can’t you see I have troubles? You’re not coming to help me and even try to run away, your loyalty is really lacking!

This person was the Chu Tian who created such a commotion in Tian Nan City?

The other people’s’ expressions turned strange.

Chu Tian stepped right over the second uncle’s body, swaggering over to the seat next to Meng Qing Wu, swinging one leg over the other. Listening to Meng Qing Wu’s introduction, that middle-aged man with the two tufts of moustache was called Zhao Chang He, and he was her oldest uncle. That handsome young man clothed in white was her oldest cousin.

This person clothed simply, like a servant, could actually sit together with Meng Qing Wu?

The gaze of the young man clothed in white, Zhao Yi, harbored a strand of jealousy and dark hate.

Zhao Chang He showed his prestige, trying to establish his strength: “Meng Qing Wu, the whole entire Southern Cloud Commerce has been given to you to manage by yourself. And what is the result? You pushed for the new medicinal production sector self-opinionatedly but it failed completely, even making the entire commerce suffer large setbacks, almost pushing the commerce into a debt crisis!”

“Zhao Chang He’s right!”

“We bought the shares six years ago when the commerce was in a critical moment, preventing the commerce from disintegrating. Is this how you repay us? You’ve failed to live up to everyone’s trust. This is too disappointing!”

“You have to take some responsibility!”

“The losses of the Southern Cloud Commerce can only be blamed on you!”

As the other people started voicing their opinions one after the other, Meng Qing Wu’s painted eyebrows wrinkled tightly: “The things that happened with Southern Cloud Commerce, I will write a detailed report on it for you to look over, because this matter is fairly complicated……”

“Stop talking!”

“We didn’t come here to listen to your excuses!”

“The commerce has been so unsuccessful. I think if we can’t make a profit out of this, then it’s better to divide up the family property earlier.”

“Our request is not unreasonable. You divide the talisman factory into shares and auction it off, and we’ll evenly split the profit!”

These relatives and shareholders were kicking up a ruckus about dividing up the commerce. Southern Cloud Commerce mainly produced talismans, and by wanting Meng Qing Wu to bring out the talisman factory, it was basically trying to take away the lifeblood of the commerce!

Meng Qing Wu’s face became increasingly ugly, holding back the flare of anger, she coldly said: “When Father and Mother had just been in an accident, you people adopted a ludicrous pretense to demand money. To keep the peace in the family, I had to accept claims of owed money with no evidence, letting these debts be paid back in the form of shares. For six years, have I ever given a copper less of your dividends? Without contributing any money, you sit comfortably and reap profits, yet you’re not satisfied. Now that the commerce is a little shaky, you all come rushing to demand the commerce be divided up. Don’t you have any feelings of shame?”

A sharp voice rang out: “It turns out that Meng Qing Wu, you are utterly incapable of leading the Chamber of Commerce!”

Another voice soon followed suit: “Yes, the commerce will sooner or later crumble down in your hands. So, I propose, Zhao Chang He instead became the President of the Southern Cloud Commerce!”


“I also agree!”

“We can’t let her continue to hold the position of President!”

“We all have a share in the company – the money she’s losing is our money!”

“Everyone, everyone!” Zhao Chang He hurriedly stood up, trying to placate the audience, “Everyone, hold your horses. Even though these last six years Meng Qing Wu hasn’t had any major accomplishments, before this matter, she hasn’t made any major mistakes either. Everyone can agree on this?”

“We don’t want a person without any abilities to be president!”

“What right does a mediocre person have to leech off the position of president!”

Zhao Chang He sighed: “I can understand everyone’s sentiments. Southern Cloud Commerce has been stumbling along for so many years, and everyone has feeling towards it and cannot bear to see the commerce languishing. Yet Southern Cloud Commerce was Meng Qing Wu’s father’s personally created commerce, how could I, as an uncle, bear to take it over?”

Really ridiculous!

Even you still know that Southern Cloud Commerce was created by my father?

Meng Qing didn’t rush to speak because she understood her uncle well, that hypocritical courtesy was only masking his real intentions.

Zhao Chang He blandly said: “It’s hard for a business undertaken by a woman without a primary backer to not be bullied. You are no longer young; you should find yourself a man to get married.”

Meng Qing Wu said indifferently: “I haven’t any thoughts on marriage.”

“It is only natural Qing Wu, your beauty and talent are of top-notch, so obviously you would like to marry an equally outstanding man, which perhaps, won’t be so easy. However, I as your uncle took this matter into my own hands.” Zhao Chang He waved his hand, “Yi-er, you take Qing Wu* as your wife!”

*TN: Meng is her last name; calling her only by her first name(Qing Wu) is kinda a disgusting show of affection


Chu Tian choked on these words.

Zhao Yi’s eyes shone with a joyous light: “Father, please be relieved, I will take care of my cousin for the rest of my life!”

Meng Qing Wu stood up in anger: “Based on what!”

“I’m your uncle! Yi-er is a student of the Central Continent Institute! Is this not enough?” Zhao Chang He let out a bright and calm smile: “When a man is of age he finds a wife, when a girl is of age she goes to her husband. Your great-uncle helping you to arrange the main affair of one’s life is also for your good. The Summit is starting, and Southern Cloud Commerce doesn’t even have a presentable person to go up. Yi-er could exactly be present at the Summit, to help you make a good impression!”

Meng Qing Wu said with a dark face: “Meimei is still young, I won’t leave her.”

Zhao Chang He, as if he had already guessed that Meng Qing Wu would reply like this, spoke up saying: “Meng Ying Ying is already sixteen, it’s perfect to give her to Yi-er as a concubine. With you two sisters having the same husband, there is no need to be separated! You also know that she doesn’t amount to much, so this arrangement is also good for her”.

Two sisters married together to their older cousin?

What the heck is that!

Chu Tian couldn’t bear to listen anymore, “Screw you! You’re making me so sick that I want to throw up!”

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