Chapter – 149

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Heart sutra



With a soft “Pu” sound like a needle poking through a water balloon, Zhang Xiaohua regained his senses and his sweat appeared like rain, what should he do now? His simple action caused by a moment of impatience had damaged the box, how could he account to Piaomiao sect now?

When Zhang Xiaohua inspected the box again, his worry was kept back into his heart. The box was not damaged so badly as Zhang Xiaohua expected, instead, a line appeared where a lid should be onto the sealed box and the box grew a lid!

However, its appearance remained ordinary.

Zhang Xiaohua kept his small sword back into his breast, calmed his heart and carefully opened the lid. The lid opened as an ordinary lid would without a single trace of difficulty.

Zhang Xiaohua studied the contents, there was a small manual inside the box. He took out the manual and saw four words on the blue coloured cover “Worry free heart sutra”. Zhang Xiaohua was surprised, the name was familiar to him and a short while later, he recalled that it appeared on one of the shelves labelled as inner energy cultivation method on the second floor, so why was there another copy here? Zhang Xiaohua could not help but feel annoyed, as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat, why did a book kept on the second floor reappeared on the third floor? Even if they wanted to put it on both floors, why bother making the box so hard to open, thus piquing his curiosity and almost destroying the box!

Zhang Xiaohua kept back his curiosity with a guilty heart, he casually returned the manual back into the box and was just about to put it back in.

Suddenly, his heart stirred, could there be any special meaning for the box to be placed here? Since he saw this “Worry free heart sutra” twice, could this inner energy cultivation method have any special fate with him? Since the number of inner energy cultivation methods on the second floor were as many as hairs on nine oxen he could not decide on any one in particular, then he should probably take this copy instead. Even though Zhang Chengyue recommended him to choose from the manuals in the second floor, this manual also appeared on the second floor so taking it away would not be going against the former’s advice.

Zhang Xiaohua continued to delude himself in this manner as he retrieved the “Worry less heart sutra” again and kept it into his breast before placing the lid back onto the box. He checked his surroundings again and just as he was about to go down, he changed his mind. This third floor of the secret book repository was not somewhere anyone could enter that easily. Unfortunately, Zhang Xiaohua had not learnt how to read inner energy cultivation manuals or he could memorize some of the books before returning. Since he was here now, at least he could browse through them for some excitement!

After Zhang Xiaohua made his mind, he walked to the bookshelves again and went through each book before walking back down to the second floor reluctantly.

The pitiful Zhang Xiaohua felt as if he just left a treasure mountain, there were so many secret manuals there but he was unable to learn any so the only thing he could do was memorize their names! Such a tragedy, such a pity.

Just as Zhang Xiaohua was feeling sorry for himself while walking down the stairs, the already closed box on the small square table on the third floor glowed a brilliant colourful light and an invisible mask began to spread from a corner of the box until the entire box was enveloped in it, and the lid of the box disappeared as the box reverted to its original ordinary appearance.

If Zhang Xiaohua was there to see it, his jaws would definitely had dropped to the floor. Unfortunately, the boy was currently on the second floor “waving his hands to show and not taking away a piece of paper”.

Feeling unsatisfied, Zhang Xiaohua climbed down the stairs again to the first floor. By this time, he no longer felt the same excitement as when he entered the library and as he passed the last bookshelf, he thought secretly, “How good would it be if I could browse through these books whenever I like.”

Sigh, a person’s desire will never by completely fulfilled, one will never feel that he already has the best deal and that there is always something better.

When Zhang Xiaohua trudged out of the secret book repository entrance, the mature disciple who was looked down immediately opened his eyes, his eyes gleamed as it set its sight on Zhang Xiaohua and he asked, “Have you decided?”

Zhang Xiaohua was spooked by the other party’s gaze, he thought secretly, “Oh no, did he discover that I took the book from the box on the third floor?”

Seeing the person’s dead man-like stare, Zhang Xiaohua replied nervously, “Yes, I have picked it.”

The person said coldly, “Show it to me so I can record it.”

Zhang Xiaohua’s heart relaxed as he took out the little manual from his breast. At that moment, the person asked again, “Which manual is that?”

Zhang Xiaohua answered casually, “Worry free heart sutra”.

“Worry free heart sutra!?” The person exclaimed as a strange expression appeared on his face.

Zhang Xiaohua’s heart skipped a beat, he asked, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

The person immediately recovered his dead man-like expression and said, “Nothing, bring it over to me.”

Zhang Xiaohua passed the manual which he already took out to the person who looked at its cover and just as the latter was about to receive it with his hand, he suddenly retracted his hand and waved it, saying, “Alright, your luck is indeed quite ‘good’, you can go now.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Xiaohua replied gleefully, “Am I really lucky? Haha, my luck has always been good.”

The person pursed his lips and did not say anything else.

Zhang Xiaohua looked at the person whose expression was still deadpan, he retracted his hand and kept the book back into his breast, bowed and left through the main door of the secret book repository.

The person waited until Zhang Xiaohua left before he picked up his brush, made a record, then look down again. He thought secretly, “Sigh, it is so hateful to go astray, my meridians are clogged and smiling even becomes difficult, who knows when I can get better.”

Zhang Chengyue was still waiting outside the door and when he saw Zhang Xiaohua come out, he smiled and said, “Have you finally picked your choice?”

Hearing the two words “finally”, Zhang Xiaohua hurriedly apologized, “Zhang… elder brother, I am really sorry to let you wait for so long. Honestly, I thought it will be done as soon as I picked a manual, but there were so many choices that I got star struck, which is why I took so much time.”

Even though Zhang Chengyue was running at the end of his patience, he laughed upon hearing Zhang Xiaohua’s explanation, “Haha, I can understand that. Whoever enters will feel the same on his first visit. Oh right, which manual did you pick?”

Zhang Xiaohua smiled as he replied, “Worry free heart sutra. Do you want to take a look?”

Upon hearing the four words, Zhang Chengyue became stunned and a strange expression appeared across his face, he waved his hands and said, “It’s fine, it’s fine. Let’s hurry, I think that sect master must have gotten anxious from waiting.”

Zhang Xiaohua became worried as well after listening to Zhang Chengyue, he had really acted inappropriate by fooling around with the box in the secret book repository while an important figure like sect master Ou was waiting in the discussion hall for him. Zhang Xiaohua immediately quickened his steps.

When Zhang Xiaohua returned with Zhang Chengyue to the discussion hall, he realized that the people inside were discussing a different matter while Ou Peng’s expression was normal, he would even laugh along with Ou Yan at times as they chatted. But of course, how could the entire discussion hall be still while they waited for him to come back? Furthermore, what kind of status did sect master Ou have? He would usually put on an aloof expression, so it would be abnormal if he appeared annoyed instead.

Ou Peng saw Zhang Chengyue and Zhang Xiaohua returned, he smiled and said, “Zhang Xiaohua, which inner energy cultivation method did you pick? Let me hear it so I can appoint a disciple who trained in the martial art to provide some pointers.”

Zhang Xiaohua was overjoyed when he heard it and was about to answer when another disciple walked in and reported that Zhang Xiaohu had reached and was waiting outside the discussion hall.

Ou Peng nodded and said, “Let him come in.”

Zhang Xiaohua did not continue to speak when he heard about his second brother arrival, he stood quietly at his spot and turned back to await the familiar face to appear.

Not long after, Zhang Xiaohu entered the discussion hall hastily while wearing the Lotus escort’s delivery hand uniform.

When Zhang Xiaohu entered the discussion hall, he studied his surroundings and noticed Zhang Xiaohua immediately. Realization dawned on him, sect master Ou must have called him because of his younger brother. Even though it was Zhang Xiaohu’s first time in the discussion hall, he had worded in the Lotus escort for over a year and knew some propriety. Hence, he ignored Zhang Xiaohua and hurriedly went forward to Ou Peng, bowed and greeted, “Greetings to sect master Ou, this humble person is Lotus escort’s delivery hand Zhang Xiaohu.”

Ou Peng was happy when he saw Zhang Xiaohu’s respectful and appropriate behaviour, he smiled gently and said, “Dispense with the ceremony, Zhang Xiaohu, I heard that you have performed very well in Lotus escort.”

Zhang Xiaohu immediately replied modestly, “It is nothing much, I have only followed the station head’s instructions and performed some tasks that was required of me.”

Ou Peng did not feel strange when he heard the caution in Zhang Xiaohu’s reply, he asked, “I believe you do not know the reason why I called you over today.”

Zhang Xiaohua replied respectfully, “That’s right, can sect master please enlighten me.”

Ou Peng pointed to Ou Yan who was sitting under him, he said, “This is my younger sister, as well as the villa master of Huanxi mountain villa.”

Zhang Xiaohu hurriedly greeted Ou Yan, “Greetings to villa master Ou.”

Ou Yan smiled in reply.

Ou Peng continued to speak, “Your younger brother Zhang Xiaohua had risked his life to protect my younger sister, so it can be said that we owe him a huge debt. I had promised Zhang Xiaohua earlier to accept you as a disciple of Piaomiao sect, do you have any objections to that?”

Zhang Xiaohu was surprised when he heard this, he had imagined all sorts of scenarios during his journey here but he never thought that Ou Peng would request him to join Piaomiao sect! This was something he would never even dreamed of.

However, he shook his head and replied, “Sect master Ou, to be honest, even though I really want to join Piaomiao sect and this opportunity is something I would never even dream of, the person who contributed and is most deserving of this opportunity is my younger brother. Even though his aptitude is not very good, he knows suffering and persistence so he might still be able to achieve something in the martial arts path. As for me, I am already learning fist martial arts and inner energy cultivation methods in the Lotus escort so I am much more fortunate that him, because Xiaohua has not seen an inner energy cultivation method even up till now.”

Zhang Xiaohua felt anxious as he listened from behind, he walked up to the front and said, “Second brother, do not push this away. It was not easy to get sect master Ou’s agreement so don’t waste away this opportunity.”

Zhang Xiaohu turned back and glared, he said, “Why did you not discuss this with me before? Would your second brother want to snatch this opportunity from you? Your injuries have yet to recover completely but Piaomiao sect may have a cure for it, furthermore, won’t you be able to learn the inner energy cultivation method that you covet so much? Second brother has his own ideas for his own future.”

Zhang Xiaohua replied, “But there is much danger in the escort station, even the martial arts you learn from the station might not be enough to keep you safe. How can I account to our parents if something happens to you outside?”

Zhang Xiaohu laughed and said, “Xiaohua, these words should be said by me instead.”

Zhang Xiaohua laughed as well, “I was afraid that you would say it so I said it first. I am staying in Huanxi mountain villa all the time so what could happen to me? It’s better if you join Piaomiao sect instead.”

Ou Peng watched the two brother bicker and push, he exchanged glances with Ou Yan and said to Zhang Xiaohu smilingly, “Zhang Xiaohu, you don’t have to persuade Zhang Xiaohua anymore. I have promised Zhang Xiaohua earlier so you cannot change this promise anymore. Moreover, I have given Zhang Xiaohua another reward for himself personally so you don’t have to argue any further.”

Zhang Xiaohu saw that Ou Peng had intervened so he did not dare to argue any further. Instead, he glared severely at Zhang Xiaohua who stuck his tongue out in return.

Ou Peng saw that Zhang Xiaohu had no other objections so he pointed to He Tianshu and was about to give out his instructions when he suddenly remembered that He Tianshu was supposed to be Zhang Xiaohua’s master because the two were always in Huanxi mountain villa. However, it was unsuitable for Zhang Xiaohu to become his disciple.

However, since he had already agreed to let Zhang Xiaohu become a Piaomiao sect disciple, the other minor details are not as important so he waved his hands and was about to call Zhang Chengyue when someone from a side spoke out, “Master, I am willing to take Zhang Xiaohu as my disciple.”

Ou Peng was surprised, he moved his eyes to see the person who just spoke out and it was Wen Wenhai.

Ou Peng asked curiously, “Ah Hai, why did you suddenly want Zhang Xiaohu as a disciple?”

Wen Wenhai replied respectfully, “Last year when your disciple and junior sister Xue Qing went out on a mission, we coincidentally met Zhang Xiaohu, Zhang Xiaohua and their family standing up against bullies to protect someone else. Hence, I feel that we have some fate, and since Zhang Xiaohu has high integrity and courage, he matches my personality as well. Therefore, I wish to accept him as my disciple.”

Ou Peng immediately understood, the matter of Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing saving someone was reported to him before, and Xue Qing even gave her personal plaque to the family. When he thought of how Zhang Xiaohu and his family was righteous enough to stand up for justice even before learning martial arts, he could not help but look at Zhang Xiaohu in a new light. However, he was still not fully convinced about the idea so he asked, “Ah Hai, you have never accepted a disciple before and this Zhang Xiaohu is already quite old, his potential cannot be compared to the children that our sect usually recruits, are you sure that you are mentally prepared to nurture him?”

Wen Wenhai smiled and said, “Master, this disciple Zhang Xiaohu has limited potential so if you push him to someone else, they might be unwilling and even nurse a grudge so Zhang Xiaohu might be ignored and not learn anything from them. Your disciple already knows Zhang Xiaohu and can be counted to have some fate with him so even if his potential is gloomy, I can at most treat him as a junior brother instead.”

Ou Peng scolded, “What rubbish are you saying, a disciple is a disciple, how can you treat him as a junior brother?”

Wen Wenhai replied happily, “Disciple understands his fault, does this mean that master agrees?”

Ou Peng smiled and replied, “If you are accepting a disciple, the matter should be decided between the two of you, what reason do I have to intervene? Furthermore, Zhang Xiaohu has yet to agree.”

Zhang Xiaohu who was listening from a side immediately became focused from happiness, he kneeled down in front of Wen Wenhai like a golden mountain pressing on a jade stick and said, “Disciple Zhang Xiaohu greets his master.”

Anyone with a brain would immediately realize so this matter was not like an ordinary disciple accepting his master’s tutelage at all. If it was He Tianshu who accepted Zhang Xiaohu as his disciple, the mountain will not reveal itself and the water would not flow, but who was Wen Wenhai? He was Piaomiao sect’s sect master’s personal disciple, even though his martial art skill was not high, his position was significant so when Zhang Xiaohu became his disciple, his position in the sect also rose to as high as the sky and could be counted as Ou Peng’s personal grand disciple. Even if he might not receive any instruction from Ou Peng, at least he would not be subjected to bullying.

Even He Tianshu who was standing behind felt jealousy, how could this Zhang Xiaohu be so fortunate? Why did something like this not happen when he entered the sect, he wished that he was the wall at that moment.

Wen Wenhai saw Zhang Xiaohu knelt in front of him but he did not immediately help the latter up. Instead, he waited for Zhang Xiaohu to perform three bows before letting him rise while the other people went forward to congratulate Wen Wenhai on accepting his first disciple.

Ou Peng smiled and said, “Alright, we are at the discussion hall so everyone hold your horses for now. We can conduct the actually ceremony later to officiate Zhang Xiaohu’s entry into Piaomiao sect.”

Everyone listened to his instructions and replied, “It should be so.” Before returning back to their original seats.

When everyone reclaimed their seats again, Ou Peng looked at Zhang Xiaohua and asked in a warm tone, “Zhang Xiaohua, I still do not know which inner energy cultivation method you have chosen.”

Zhang Xiaohua smiled as he took out the small blue manual from his breast, he said, “I picked the “Worry free heart sutra”, do you want look at it?”

Upon hearing these words, Ou Peng gasped “ah” and his expression turned strange. Coincidentally, majority of the people in the discussion hall became silent and retracted their smiles.

Ou Peng looked at Zhang Xiaohua’s extended hand and waved his own hand, he said, “That’s not necessary. There are so many inner energy cultivation manuals in the secret book repository but you actually managed to choose that one, I can only say that your luck is too rare. You have made things difficult for me by choosing this manual, there is no one in the entire Piaomiao sect who have trained in this “Worry free heart sutra” so finding another person who can provide some pointers will be impossible. If you train in this yourself without the guidance of an external party, I am afraid that you will end up with nothing on your hands. Even if you try to practice this cultivation method, you might not be able to achieve any proficiency in it.”

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  2. “Worry free heart sutra”
    This is exactly what Xiaohua need. His heart must be full of worry after learning there is no one that can teach him.


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