Chapter – 26

Translator : essencexn
Creds: Conan143

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The Spring of Life



TN: Note, flood dragon blood is important because a flood dragon has traces of a real dragon’s bloodline in them; but it’s not very pure/strong; flood dragons have a chance if they improve their physiques and stuff to become real dragons

The forests, the grasslands – these lands overflowing exuberantly with life – from the smallest, spreading over around a dozen miles, to the largest, spreading over thousands of miles, would through some special opportunity nurture a spirit spring. This was a spring of life.

A spring of life was a gift of nature.

It was a natural healing station!

The spring water could be used directly for healing, detoxification, and alleviating fatigue without any processing needed.

After the spring of life was claimed and inhabited by a magic beast, no matter how grave a wound was, as long as the beast was still alive, it could soak in the spring and its wound would heal at an extremely fast speed. Moreover, continual soaking in the life spring over a long period of time would strengthen one’s physique and also distinctly increase cultivation.

This was the wondrous ability of the spring of life!

When humans controlled springs of life, they would use the spring’s water as a material for refining medicine. So when it was used to refine restorative medicine, it would dramatically increase the recovery effect.

The energy of this life spring in Chu Tian’s opinion was considered as weak, but in Tian Nan City, this sort of place could certainly incite each and every major power to fight to the death in attaining this valuable natural resource.

“Why is this water red, so baffling!”

Meng Ying Ying’s soul was already hooked by the dozens of medicinal materials, so she hadn’t really paid much attention to the strange spring.

“The Blood-Woven Flood Python has been settled in this cave for many years. Every time it was hurt, it would have come here to be healed by the spring water. Also, every time it shed its skin and evolved, it was in the spring. There is a large amount of the flood python’s blood essence in the spring water!”

Meng Ying Ying found a few sets of shredded red python skin in the water. What Chu Tian said was right, it seemed as if the magical beast had really cultivated inside this pool.

Chu Tian started to take his pants off.

Meng Ying Ying was so scared she covered her eyes: “You rogue*! What are you doing!”

TN: I kinda felt tempted to insert ‘buttnugget’ in here just btw

“I’m soaking in the hot spring!”

“With the situation we’re in, you still want to soak in a hot spring!”

“Besides having a healing function, this spring also contains a lot of flood dragon blood. It will effectively improve the body’s physique, cleanse the marrows, and increase one’s natural talent. Your natural talent is so poor. If you also take a bath it’ll become better!”

“Pei*! Stop quickly…… you brazen thing, how could you take off your clothes in front of a girl, don’t you have any sense of shame?”

TN: Again, “pei” is a sound that is like the sound you make when you spit

Chu Tian put on a solemn air as he said: “You are looking at this in the wrong way. People are born into this world as ** originally. I am just returning to my original nature, to my most primal state, what do I have to be ashamed of?”

What kind of dog fart logic was this!

Meng Ying Ying felt like she was going to explode from anger!

Chu Tian continued to undress while he kept on talking: “Your thoughts on this lack understanding. Only people who think about dirty erotic things all day would be ashamed! Look at me, such a pure and innocent youth, even if you took off all your clothes in front of me, I wouldn’t even blink. If you don’t believe me, you can try!”


Meng Ying Ying was angered to death: “Such perverted logic! You are simply a scoundrel!”

“We were in a tight corner today. It’s difficult to get such a good opportunity to relax. The mouth of this spring is big enough. If we come and soak together, scrubbing and massaging each other’s back, would be a very normal thing to do. An unblemished and pure virgin male is almost naked, why are you still so fixated on worldly things!”

“Ah pei*! You wish! This lady wouldn’t want to let such a bad person like you take advantage!”

*TN: Scream and then spit sound

Meng Ying Ying had been extremely moved by the spring’s effect of improving one’s natural talent. However, this fellow’s words were really too vulgar and she couldn’t stand it. You’re a virgin male? I’m a virgin female! What’s more, only devils would believe you. You’re so evil, who knows how many girls you’ve tricked.

“Quickly soak, after you’re done I’ll take a turn!”

The girl’s face flushed as she fled with embarrassment.

Ai, can’t leave this girl alone, she still needs to be properly enchanted*!

TN: I think the meaning is he’s trying to seduce her.

Chu Tian didn’t mind at all. He deftly removed his clothes, his whole body immersing into the spring——felt good!

A stinging sensation spread throughout his body as the bountiful life energy in the spring was rapidly repairing his injuries, letting his terribly fatigued body quickly recover, from a state of extreme fatigue and over-drafted magic power, to top form. The whole process was comfortable without compare!

The flood dragon blood also seeped bit by bit into the body, starting to improve his physique.

The strength of his body was increasing.

The strength of his magic power was increasing.

These effects were almost immediate!

Even though this body’s innate talent wasn’t considered very good, Chu Tian didn’t really mind. Talent was not something static, but something that could be improved through various methods, such as this spring of life filled with flood dragon blood.

After soaking for about an hour, his magic power was refilled, his physical strength was recovered, and his cultivation had stabilized at the peak of the fourth rank of Body Refinement!

Chu Tian’s skeletal structure, meridians, flesh, all went through a metamorphosis after being washed by the flood dragon blood. His marrows were cleansed, and his body had been reborn!*

TN: I wasn’t too sure how to describe this because his body’s physique changes but not completely becomes better, just a little bit better, so it’s not completely reborn as in the sense his physique becomes perfect, but reborn in the sense that his body has improved.


He broke through again!

Within only two hours, Chu Tian actually achieved two continuous significant improvements!

And of the spirit medicines here, any one stalk could let his cultivation increase by another step, easily promoting him to the realm of the fifth rank of Body Refinement. At that time wouldn’t beating up that son of a bitch Ye Han be just like playing around?

“Ying Ying, your turn!”

Even if Chu Tian continued to soak, the effects wouldn’t be that great anymore, so he called Meng Ying Ying in.

Meng Ying Ying was a little bashful as she walked near the spring. She suddenly turned around, angrily waving her little fist in a threatening tone: “Listen to me, when I’m soaking, if you dare come and peek, I will have to dig out your eyeballs!”

Women have the most poisonous hearts!

Chu Tian helplessly had to leave.

Seeing Chu Tian bitterly leave, Meng Ying Ying felt a little regretful. Was my attitude a bit too fierce? She distressingly scratched her head. But this was all because there was no other way, typically if you gave this fellow some colours he would start a dye factory*, if I’m not a bit more fierce towards him, he might actually do something bad.

*TN: Basically give an inch, take a mile: give some dye/colours, start a whole factory

Meng Ying Ying took her clothes off. Her graceful and attractive body slowly moved into the warm spring water.

Chu Tian just soaked in the same spring water!

When she thought of this, her heart was suddenly perturbed. She was like a small deer; she was a little bashful, a little embarrassed, and was even slightly excited!


Why would I think of this kind of stuff!

Meng Ying Ying quickly got rid of the distractions in her mind and started to relax her body to fully experience the process. Even though that fellow was usually a roguish person, all the things he said were always reliable.

The spring of life really had such an unbelievable power!

And the blood essence of the flood dragon it contained definitely made it a good physique-enhancing medicine!

The reason why the surrounding tens of herbs were precious was because of their ability to boost cultivation. But the life spring could directly enhance one’s physique. In a sense, it could be said that all the herbs put together couldn’t compare to the help this spring water gave to Meng Ying Ying.

Moreover, the life spring itself also had the effect of boosting one’s cultivation.

Meng Ying Ying originally had the strength of the peak of the 4th rank of Body Refinement. When a large amount of the essence of the flood dragon’s blood went inside her body, combined with the effect of the water of the spring of life, it washed her marrows and strengthened her meridians, boosting her power to successfully break through to the 5th rank of Body Refinement!

She broke through again!

This was like a dream!

Meng Ying Ying was emotionally excited to the point she almost cried!

But right at this moment, Meng Ying Ying felt something cold touch her thighs in the water as it swam past, startling her. When she inclined her head to take a closer look, her eyes became round, staring blankly.

“Wa! Help me!”

“There is a monster!”

Chu Tian immediately rushed in: “What happened!”

In the dim cavern, there wasn’t much light. A beautiful and pretty girl stood up, out of the water. Her skin was delicate as cream, her sweet shoulders as smooth as silk, her full breasts covered by the rippling wet hair. One could faintly see both the towering peaks as well as the deep ravines…… two people, with their four eyes, faced each other.



The girl let out an inconsolably stricken shriek!


Ten minutes later.

Chu Tian carried a red baby blood python out. It was around two finger-widths thick and not even two meters long. However, its entire head had been smashed flat. The thing that Meng Ying Ying had encountered in the spirit spring was exactly a baby blood python.

“The culprit has already been executed for its crimes!”

“You…… Why did you kill it!”

It was probably because she had just soaked in the spirit spring, Meng Ying Ying’s skin had become more smooth and white while her face remained flushed. She looked away, mumbling: “This was a very good baby magic beast, if it was raised up it would be at least at the 9th rank of Body Refinement. It’s a pity that it was beaten to death.”

Chu Tian had an outrageously ferocious face on as he said: “Hmph, let alone this mosquito-like blood python, even if there was a real dragon that dared to peek at our young miss Ying Ying when she’s bathing, then they deserve to have their heads smashed until it explodes! However, this guy has probably been soaking in the spring water since it was born; it would certainly be nourishing if it was boiled into snake soup!”

Meng Ying Ying glared at him: “My body has been completely seen by you, yet I don’t see you smashing your own head until it explodes!”

“Can that be counted as the same thing? I was desperately trying to save someone with a sincere heart, the heavens and the earth can testify. What’s more, this is the first time in my whole life I’ve seen a girl take a shower. Because of you, I’ve even ruined my sparkling white reputation. It’s fine if you don’t pay for my losses, but you can’t falsely accuse me.”

The girl’s angry eyes were close to shooting flames: “So you’re saying, the one who got the disadvantage now is you?”

“It’s ok, it’s a blessing to suffer losses, I’m already used to it!” Seeing the girl’s violent expression, Chu Tian hurriedly changed his tone, saying: “Don’t be so emotional, in fact, I didn’t see everything, only the upper half of your body. Your body is actually pretty nice, keep up the good work!”


“You piss me off so much!”

“I’m going to fight you to the death!”

Meng Ying Ying viciously leapt onto Chu Tian like an angry little beast, using her claws to furiously scratch a few times on his face.

Chu Tian continually begged for mercy.

They eventually came to an agreement.

Meng Ying Ying’s threatening face was full of menace: “The things that happened earlier, only the heavens, the earth, you, and me know of. If you dare to spread this out, I will fight you to the death!”

Chu Tian touched his handsome face that had been scratched into multi colours, sighing: “Ai, my glory has been ruined!”

Meng Ying Ying covered her mouth as she laughed out with a “Pu-chi”* sound. She raised her head with an air of smugness: “Hmph, it’s good that you know how powerful I am. Let’s see if next time you still dare to pretend to be a good person even when you get an advantage! Okay, let’s pick all the herbs and quickly head home. We’ve been missing for more than half a day, jiejie is definitely very worried!”

*TN: Pu chi is puff and laugh

Chu Tian obediently went to go pick spirit medicine.

Meng Ying Ying subconsciously thrust her chest out. Before, she had always thought that having a big chest was very burdensome. She would always pray in her heart that they wouldn’t keep on growing bigger. But now, it was different. She suddenly felt pretty proud of herself, and also pretty happy!

Does Chu Tian like this kind of body?

But compared to my older sister, I’m still lacking!

Even though these set of adventures were quite dangerous, the harvest was also very rich! This herbs were worth more than tens of thousands of gold coins. It was a shame that they couldn’t take the Black Winged Wind Wolf and the Blood-Woven Flood Python’s carcasses away, or else those materials could make them several billions!

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