Chapter – 96

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Dealing with injuries



Zhang Xiaohu smiled bitterly, a comfortable life in the future? It might be easy to make such a promise, since he could just compensate with a sum of money. Even if he gave enough money for Zhang Xiaohua to live for his entire life, could he ensure that Zhang Xiaohua would be able to survive just with that money? What if another accident happened to him, would Zhang Xiaohua be able to do anything then?

Putting aside the amount of compensation, Zhang Xiaohua’s youth had just been ruined, how could Zhang Xiaohua live happily if he had to rely on the compensation money for all his life? Would that be the kind of life Zhang Xiaohua hoped for?

All his dreams, all the happy experiences in the future, could they be compensated with money?

Other people may not know what Zhang Xiaohua’s dreams were but Zhang Xiaohu did, Zhang Xiaohua’s thirst towards learning martial arts was greater than his. If he knew that he could no longer practice martial arts, then would he still have the will to continue living?

Zhang Xiaohua was just a child!

Could a child take such a heavy blow?

Zhang Xiaohu felt regret and self-blame again, had he not agreed to the contest, if he did not come to Lotus escort, if he did not suggest going to Pingyang city… could he still change any of that?

Seeing the dark and confused expression on Zhang Xiaohu’s face, third master Qu quickly said, “Zhang Xiaohu, your aptitude is very good and I have been considering enrolling you in the martial arts school division. Now that you won Yu Deyi in a contest, I believe that the people in the martial arts school division will be convinced that your potential is no less than him and they will allow you to enter the school. You will still need to continue your duties as a delivery hand, but the martial arts school will not collect any fees from you.”

Zhang Xiaohu smiled bitterly and said, “Third master Qu, thank you for your kind intentions, but my younger brother…”

Third master Qu looked at Yu Deyi and said, “Zhang Xiaohu, you do not need to worry about your younger brother’s situation. Once Yu Deyi settled his problem, I will go to Huanxi mountain villa to ask for a favor. As long as Huanxi mountain villa is still standing, your younger brother will have a place in it to work. This old face of mine still has some importance so I am sure that I will be able to do that for your younger brother.”

Having offered such a large concession, Zhang Xiaohu could only nod his head in agreement, and third master Qu and Yu Deyi secretly sighed in relief.

At that moment, the physician from the martial arts school had arrived and like how bureaucratic matters were usually slow to process, the physician arrived slowly and late. Even though the physician was reeking of alcohol, he was shocked by Zhang Xiaohua’s injuries and the first sentence that came out of his mouth was, “This hand is crippled.”

The second sentence was, “My head is spinning, I can’t treat him properly. Please find someone else.”

Third master Qu was so angry that he grabbed the physician’s neck and asked, “The physicians in the martial arts school are not allowed to drink during working hours, why did you not follow the rules?”

The physician righteously replied, “I am testing the effectiveness of this medicinal wine. Xi Yuehua tasted a hundred plants, so his later generations should take a leaf from his example. If I don’t taste it personally, how would I be able to ascertain its usefulness?”

Third master Qu threw him on the floor and said to Zhang Xiaohu, “Come, let’s bring Zhang Xiaohua to the physician there.”

Fortunately, the medicinal hall was at the corner of the martial arts school hall, and there was a physician who did not taste any wine personally. The old physician carefully straightened Zhang Xiaohua’s broken arm and patiently put back all the shattered finger bones. Poor Zhang Xiaohua regained his consciousness when his arm was being set, and he fainted from the pain not long after. Sweat the size of beans appeared all over his forehead and his ten fingers curled, literally.

After the physician applied some medicine on Zhang Xiaohua and put on his crutches, Zhang Xiaohua woke up again.

While bearing the pain in his hands, he looked at his arm that was supported by the crutch and asked the physician, “When will my injury be healed?”

The physician looked at him pitiful and answered, “Child, take good care of your injury, the earliest it will take is a year and a half. Poor thing.”

Zhang Xiaohua heard his reply and shouted, “Oh no, I am still meeting squad leader He to learn martial arts tonight, what can I do now?”

The physician said, “You are still thinking of martial arts with your injuries…”

Before the physician could complete his sentence, Zhang Xiaohu interrupted, “Xiaohua, your injury is not too serious, but you will have to forget about martial arts for the time being. First take good care of your injury, and once you are fully healed, you can ask squad leader He to teach you again. If not, isn’t there still third master Qu? He is an expert in our martial arts school, and he would also be able to teach you martial arts.”

Zhang Xiaohua was overjoyed when he heard Zhang Xiaohu’s words, he looked towards the man as though he was his grandfather and asked, “Are you willing to teach me martial arts? Third master Qu.”

Third master Qu naturally agreed profusely, saying, “That is no problem, Zhang Xiaohua. Once your injury is healed, I will teach you so well that you will surpass your elder brother.”

Zhang Xiaohua expressed his thanks and suddenly remembered to say, “Second brother, I will not be able to work in Huanxi mountain villa with this injury, you should hurry over and let them know so that they won’t throw me away. Help me ask for a period of absence. Also, this is my pay for last month, I think we need to use this to pay for this treatment. I even said earlier that I would give it to you or deliver it back to our parents.”

After finishing his sentence, he struggled to use his left hand to take out those few coins from his breast and passed it to Zhang Xiaohu.

When third master Qu saw that, he threw a severe glance to Yu Deyi and said, “Zhang Xiaohua, your injury was caused by Yu Deyi it is natural for him to pay for your treatment. You don’t have to worry about this money. Furthermore, I will send some people immediately to Huanxi mountain villa to inform them of your situation so you can rest peacefully here in the escort station until your injury heals. With your elder brother here, you will be taken good care of, alright?”

Zhang Xiaohua grateful expression and his sincere words of thanks made third master Qu feel guilty, and he waved his hands and left the room, thinking to himself, “This poor, sweet child.”

When third master Qu left, only then did Yu Deyi have the courage to speak, he said, “Zhang Xiaohua, about this, I am really sorry. I… I was too agitated and should have not used inner energy. Don’t worry, I will definitely make it up to you until you are satisfied.”

Zhang Xiaohua looked at the previously arrogant young master and became at a loss for words, if his fist had ended up like that after facing the other party’s palm, what would be the result if it was his second brother’s chest that was hit instead? Even a dummy would have known the answer, if the situation really turned out that way, would he use money to solve the situation? Sigh, of course he would still do so! Zhang Xiaohua was extremely sure of it.

Zhang Xiaohua looked at the man weakly and nodded as he smiled. Yu Deyi then walked away slowly after he said, “Zhang Xiaohua, just focus on your recovery. I will get the physicians to give you the best medicine so you will be able to recover in no time.”

Shangguan Yun and Yu Lun also shared some condolences before they followed Yu Deyi and left.

There was still Li Jinfeng in the room, the scholar looked at Zhang Xiaohua not knowing how to console him, so he said, “Xiaohua, you are a good boy, and good people will have their karma. You will surely recover soon. I will come to see you again tomorrow.”

After saying his piece, he patted Zhang Xiaohua’s head and turned around to leave. Just as he reached the door, he seemed to recall something and turned around to Zhang Xiaohu and said, “Zhang Xiaohu, I came over to apologize to you. I had promised before that I would bring you to the escort station but I actually forgotten about it. I am really sorry, please forgive me. Sigh, if I had brought Zhang Xiaohua somewhere else, all these might not have happened then.”

Without waiting for Zhang Xiaohu’s reply, he turned back and left.

Upon hearing his words, Zhang Xiaohu recalled the long-forgotten “grudge” and he shook his head secretly, if you had brought Zhang Xiaohua elsewhere, I would have “accepted” your apology.

Zhang Xiaohua said from his side, “Second brother, it was I who pulled gentleman Li over, and he only wanted to apologize to you after seeing that I was coming over. This person is so strange, when I mentioned the matter at the carriage station, he insisted on apologizing to me and coming over personally to apologize to you as well. I guess he would be able to sleep soundly tonight.”

When Zhang Xiaohu heard these words, he thought in his heart, how could there be so much difference among people? Thinking back to Li Jinfeng, then to Yu Deyi, Shangguan Yun ad Yu Lun, every one of them was different in their unique ways. Even though the two brothers had not been in Pingyang city for long, they could tell from this situation that people could be so unpredictable. However, at this moment, he wondered if he should let his parents know about Zhang Xiaohua’s injury, or bring Xiaohua back home to nurse his injury?

However, he made his decision very quickly. Since they were already out here, then they should decide their fates for themselves. If he informed his family of Zhang Xiaohua’s injury, even if he could continue to stay in the city, how could their parents help in this situation? He could save them the pain and worry, after all when their eldest brother was injured, didn’t they get him treated by the animal doctor in the village? Thinking of old Guo and his animal clinic, Zhang Xiaohua’s heart sweated in cold perspiration and decided to definitely not send Zhang Xiaohua home.

Since he had made his decision, he wanted to listen to Zhang Xiaohua’s opinion so he shared his decision and Zhang Xiaohua agreed, his little gourd shaped head shook like a drum as he insisted to stay.

At that moment, the physician re-entered the room and saw Zhang Xiaohua. He felt the latter’s pulse again and said to Zhang Xiaohu, “Zhang Xiaohu, your younger brother’s injuries are very serious, even though there is no external wound, but this type of injury is not even what normal people can endure. You have seen for yourself that he had fainted twice, and his face is so pale now so he must be exhausted. You can bring him back to rest for now, and be careful not to let that injured arm touch anything. I have already tried my best and I hope that your younger brother can recover fully. One more thing, third master Qu had already settled this so you don’t have to worry about the medical bill, and I will use the best medicine for your younger brother. Sigh, actually there is no use for any better medicine, for a bone fracture, the solution is this word, “nurture”. The medicine I applied on him already contained tiger bones which are the best medicine we have for healing fractures, and later on, I shall prescribe some painkillers and get some people to deliver it to you.”

He then stroked Zhang Xiaohua’s head and sighed again before leaving the room.

Zhang Xiaohu looked at his younger brother, and the latter was indeed perspiring heavily, his face was pale and his eyes looked dazed from exhaustion. Zhang Xiaohu felt pained again as he blamed his own carelessness, since their parents were not around, he should assume the role of the parent, so why did he not take more notice of his younger brother?

Thus, Zhang Xiaohu carefully lifted Zhang Xiaohua from the bed and prepared to move him to his own room. Even though Zhang Xiaohua was already being cautious, he was still clumsy having no prior experience taking care of patients and touched Zhang Xiaohua’s injuries twice. Zhang Xiaohua shouted out in pain the first time when he did not notice but he tried to hold it in the second time despite his sweat dropping like buckets from his head.

Fortunately, Zhang Xiaohu did not touch Zhang Xiaohua’s injuries on the rest of the way back, and he felt less guilty afterwards.

Zhang Xiaohu’s room was spacious because it was meant for two people to stay, but after Zhang Xiaohu gained victory over the bodyguard, sixth master Li send the other person to another room so Zhang Xiaohu could stay by himself and observe his own martial arts in his leisure. Hence, it was fortunate because the additional bed could be used for Zhang Xiaohua to nurse his injury.

After Zhang Xiaohu put Zhang Xiaohua down on the bed, he found a blanket to cover the boy. Although the weather was already hot, he was afraid that his younger brother would catch a cold with his weakened body so he a few particularly thick blankets for the latter.

Not long after, some men from the medicinal hall brought some medicine that was already prepared and boiled over. Zhang Xiaohu fed Zhang Xiaohua the medicine, and seeing that the latter was still drenched in perspiration, he wanted to give him a bath. However, the person who delivered the medicine took back the bowl and said that the physician had also instructed the patient not to move too much, so Zhang Xiaohua would have to bear with the sweat and not to wipe it off in case it aggravates his injuries during this period. Upon listening to the instructions, Zhang Xiaohu extinguished his previous thought.

The sky had gradually turned darker and after sending off the person who delivered the medicine, and when Zhang Xiaohu turned his head to look at Zhang Xiaohua, Zhang Xiaohua’s eyes were already closed as he fell asleep. Which is a good thing, since the pitiful boy had suffered so much torment in the day, he deserved to enjoy some rest time earlier.

Zhang Xiaohu looked at his beloved younger brother’s peaceful sleeping face which would occasionally frown in pain until the night grew later when he stopped moving altogether.

Deep in the night, Zhang Xiaohu lay beside Zhang Xiaohua with complex emotions in his heart as he slowly fell asleep. He already knew that he was sleepy but was afraid that his younger brother would call out for him in the middle of the night. Even though Zhang Xiaohua would sleep like a log all the way until morning in the past, since he was injured that night, Zhang Xiaohu decided to play safe and thus did not return to his bed to sleep.

The night grew deeper, and Zhang Xiaohua’s dreams flashed with the usual bright flickering lights. The rhythm of the flashing lights seemed to be faster that night, and the bracelet on his left wrist seemed to shake and the fluctuations spread across its owner’s body without him realizing anything, and most of the fluctuation seemed to flow towards the more injured areas. In this dark night, there were many secrets abound, some were bad, but there were also good ones.

When the first rays of the sun appeared in the sky, the vibration also stopped and Zhang Xiaohua opened his eyes. just as he was about to rub his nose from habit, he felt a sharp pain in his right arm and he yelped out. The sound frightened Zhang Xiaohu who immediately got up and shouted, “What’s wrong, Xiaohua?”

Upon seeing his second brother’s face, and after looking around at his surroundings while feeling the pain transmitting from his left hand, Zhang Xiaohua remembered that he was still in Lotus escort and not his usual room in Huanxi mountain village. The person beside him was his beloved second brother and not the smelly legged Ma Jing. Zhang Xiaohua grinned and said, “It’s nothing, second brother. I just woke up and accidently used my right hand.”

Zhang Xiaohu replied tenderly, “Oh, be more careful in the future. Even though there is a crutch, your bones will not mend correctly if you move your fingers. If it grows wrongly, then it will be difficult for it to be straightened back, I heard that we will need to break it again for it to grow properly again, so you have to be careful not to move it.”

Zhang Xiaohua swallowed in surprise and fear, he said, “So cruel, break it again to regrow? You aren’t lying right?”

Zhang Xiaohu laughed as he said, “The physician won’t lie to his patients, he is the best physician in Lotus escort.”

Zhang Xiaohua then learnt that the physician who treated him yesterday was the best physician in the escort station, and he thought that it was indeed true that outstanding people do not flaunt their superiority.

At that moment, Zhang Xiaohua’s stomach suddenly grumbled, the sounds were especially loud. Upon hearing it, Zhang Xiaohu laughed as he said, “Xiaohua, your stomach is already grumbling. You must be hungry, let me prepare some food for you.”

Zhang Xiaohua was slightly embarrassed as he said, “Hurry and go, second brother. I had not had lunch nor dinner yesterday, how can I not be hungry now?”

The pitiful Zhang Xiaohua had not eaten since the previous day morning, he actually planned to have his meal with his second brother but he met Yu Deyi instead and the events just flowed from there. He also slept on an empty stomach last night apart drinking from a bowl of bitter leaf juices, but nursing injuries would require the body to absorb nutrients so it was no wonder than his stomach was objecting then.

Even before Zhang Xiaohu left the room, a knock sounded from the door and when he opened the door, he saw Yu Lun carrying over some food. After asking the other party, he learnt that it was a gesture from Yu Deyi, the latter had also suffered internal injuries the previous day and was nursing them while bedridden so he was unable to go over personally. Thus, he entrusted Yu Lun with the task, and when Zhang Xiaohu learnt this, he naturally did not stand on the ceremony and placed the food on the table as he prepared to feed Zhang Xiaohua.

Yu Lun did not enter the room but he promised to go back again in the afternoon to bring over lunch before leaving.

Yu Lun’s consideration could be seen from the breakfast, there were several nourishing dishes that were easy on the stomach, and when Zhang Xiaohua ate the meal, he felt that they were even more delicious than the breakfasts in Huanxi mountain villa. Thus, Zhang Xiaohua finished his bowl cleanly and even thought secretly if he should stay injured like this to enjoy such a meal longer.

Zhang Xiaohu watched happily as Zhang Xiaohua finished his breakfast, seeing the latter eat his meal with such relish, he guessed it meant that his body was healthy enough to absorb nutrients to recover, so he felt happy inside.

After putting the bowls and utensils aside, Zhang Xiaohu said, “Xiaohua, you have to stay in the room to rest by yourself, I will need to eat some breakfast too. After I am done, the escort station will still have some duties for me, and once I am finished with that, I will come back here again. I will let sixth master Li know of our situation, so hopefully he will let me come back earlier today.”

Zhang Xiaohua replied, “It’s alright, second brother, you can go on with your stuff while I rest here and mend my body slowly.”

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