Chapter – 85

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Ou Peng smiled proudly and said, “Yan’er is right. A man should proudly face the heavens and stand firmly on the earth, and they would naturally want to achieve something large in life. Farmers gain pride from the crops they grow, merchants are proud of their wealth and luxurious lifestyle, and people in the Jianghu would naturally want to spread their names afar in Jianghu. Since elder brother has ended up in the position of Piaomiao sect’s sect master, he would also wish to bring the sect to higher levels so that he and his fellow members can be proud as well. Perhaps when elder brother grows older, he would go over to your Huanxi mountain villa to retire.”

Ou Yan nodded her head in content and said, “Huanxi mountain villa will always open its doors for elder brother, and sister-in-law, and any of my future nephews and nieces, hehe, and even any grand nephews and nieces.”

As they conversation flowed up to this point, Ou Peng suddenly asked, “Yan’er, you are not so young anymore, do you need elder brother to arrange your marriage affairs for you?”

Ou Yan flushed and said, “Elder brother should concentrate on the sect’s affairs first. I will definitely tell elder brother if I find someone. Alright, let’s stop up to here, I shall go over and find big sister Qin.”

After finishing her sentence, she immediately stood up and walked to the row of hallmasters where a middle aged lady was seated among them.

Ou Peng could not help by laugh secretly when he saw his younger sister escape in zero quick time, he thought, “It seems that Yan’er has reached the appropriate age so I should start preparing. However, the number of eligible men is not few at all, and I will have to look through each of them slowly.”

The elder sister Qin whom Ou Yan was speaking to was Piaomiao sect’s Mingcui hall hallmaster who was also widely known as big sister Qin. As the saying goes, ‘Jiangu’s children, long affection’. Since there were men in Jianghu, then there would naturally be women as well. Although a large portion of disciples recruited by the Piaomiao sect were boys, there were also some female disciples, and for the latter group, apart from a few who were personally disciples to an elder like Xue Qing, most of them were put to Mingcui hall. Of this group of heroines who can hold their own in Jianghu, most had extraordinary genetic factor which also manifested in their appearances, and thus, these heroines have beautiful faces that one would never tire to look at in general. However, big sister Qin was an exception, her looks were average which would not garner any notice and her skin was dark. From her appearances, she was no different from a middle aged woman in the village, or might not even matchup in appearance to some of them, and why is this so?

It is a well-known fact that people in Jianghu were all martial arts practitioners, and the reason they trained their martial arts was to protect their lives. They could of course do so by building their bodies, so having slim bodies was a natural thing among them. In fact,, if your body was not slim, you might even be ashamed to call yourself as a person from Jianghu. However, big sister Qin was the complete opposite, her waist was as thick as a water bucket and together with that face of hers, she really could not even compare in appearance to a village woman.

The most exasperating thing was that big sister Qin specialized in the snake fist, but for some unknown reason, perhaps because she wanted to train more in the areas she lacked or some other reason, she would avoid using it. Hence, most people would not have seen her displayed it before, and those who did were either dead immediately, or fainted in battle and died out of severe injuries later.

However, big sister Qin had one good point about her which was her voice. It was clear and crisp like an oriole, and no one would be tired even after hearing it a hundred times. When she sang, it could even shake the entire Jianghu. It was not known how many heroes in Jianghu would follow her voice to find the singer before escaping immediately using their qinggong. The poem “Wanting to commit a crime when one’s eyes were closed, wanting to escape when one’s eyes were opened, closing one’s eyes again to protect one’s vision” was written by a person of renowned wit precisely for big sister Qin. However, big sister Qin had also made a significant contribution to the Jianghu world, because for a long period of time, the number of sex offenders in the Jianghu world decreased when these offenders realized that their ears could not be trusted. One of these most important martial arts in Jianghu was naturally qinggong, and big sister Qin had promoted its usefulness, to the point where several martial schools of qinggong wanted to find her to obtain her permission to use her in their recruitment.

However, before these schools could take any action, an accident happened which led big sister Qin to find her destined one. On that particular day when big sister Qin was singing loudly in the bath, our dear big brother Qin followed her voice and was so drunk in the song that when it ended, he found himself in an embarrassing situation. You could say that big brother Qin could have just turned around and escaped right? However, big brother Qin had looked down on qinggong since he was young as he felt that it was a mediocre martial art. At that critical moment, he realized his mistake. The other men who were hiding at a corner listening to the song immediately activated their qinggong and fled, but the pitiful big brother Qin was still caught by big sister Qin even after the latter got out of the bath and wore her clothes. When faced with her demonically powerful fist, he was forced to marry her and thus for a long time after the wedding, big brother Qin would pull the hands of everyone he saw and say, “I was stupid, I was foolish.” Then, he would straighten his back with great difficulty and say, “I only thought of qinggong was a martial art to escape, and was not something a real courageous man should learn, and that sex offenders who possess good qinggong used it for another reason. However, I did not realize that qinggong could be used to save lives, if your qinggong is bad, how can you continue to stay in Jianghu? I truly regret my actions, and if the heavens would give me another chance, I would apologize to my master and say that I was wrong, and behind my apology, I would also add that I would not dare to listen to other people’s singing in secret anymore.” Then, he would take a swig of deer blood tiger bone soup which he carried around his waist everywhere and cry miserably.

After big sister Qin got married, she stopped roaming the Jianghu and stuck herself close to big brother Qin, while those martial schools who wanted to approach her dashed their ideas.

It was an accident how big sister Qin entered the Piaomiao sect, the couple was travelling in a remote, desolated area when they met an enemy and got injured, and it was unknown then if they could continue to survive. The six tigers of Piaomiao were passing by and brought them back to the sect to receive treatment, but unfortunately, big brother Qin’s injuries were too severe and he passed away after a few days. Big sister Qin managed to keep her life and thus entered the Piaomiao sect and founded the Mingcui hall, with the name Mingcui coming from “Two yellow orioles cries (Ming) on a emerald (Cui) willow while a line of egrets flies in the sky”, which suited well to big sister Qin.

When big sister Qin joined the Piaomiao sect, there were not few of the members then who had pursued her voice and escaped later, these people were also sympathetic of big brother Qin’s accident as some of them were even among the people whose hands big brother Qing pulled. However, they were surprised when they saw their final exchange, and they would not forget big sister Qin holding on to big brother Qin’s hands while saying, “Husband, I knew that you were inconvenienced when I forced you to marry me. Following me has truly caused much trouble for you, I have let you down.”

Big brother Qin shook his head weakly and used the last of his strength to grab onto big sister Qin’s hands, he said, “No, you are wrong, meeting you was my greatest fortune. The saying goes that when the light is extinguished, all women are the same. However, it is wrong because when the lights are extinguished, you are the best of them. With such a wife, what more can the husband ask for? Can you sing one final song for me?”

Hence, big sister Qin forced her greatly weakened body, and opened her chapped lips to sing, “A plum blossom branch in the middle of the snow……“ In the middle of her song, big brother Qin closed his eyes and big sister Qin tears started to cover her face. However, what made everyone surprised was that big brother Qin opened his eyes with difficulty after the song ended and said, “One more thing, the deer blood tiger bone soup you made was really good.”

Big sister Qin understood his final intention and forced a smile to say, “You are good, I am also good.”

After then, big brother Qin’s grip relaxed and he passed away.

Big sister Qin also fainted from her pain and only woke up after a full day. Then, she forced her battered body up to conduct the final rites for big brother Qin, and made a pledge in front of all the witnesses to never remarry and never sing again.

When this story spread around, everyone lamented, “With thick feelings, the plum blossom withers.”

Thus, big sister Qin earned the respect of the entire Piaomiao sect.

Ou Yan was naturally won over, and she liked this hallmaster who was also a woman like her. Whenever they were free, she would seek the latter out to chat, not to mention that big sister Qin’s voice was so beautiful to listen to.

However on that day, when Ou Yan has not spoken more than a few sentences to big sister Qin, she saw Zhang Chengyue walked over to Ou Peng’s front and whispered something. Ou Peng nodded his head, stood up and signaled to first elder Hu and second elder Li of the six Piaomiao tigers, and the three men headed out of the discussion hall together.

After the three men left, they walked along the corridor to the back of the discussion hall and passed by a long row of houses before entering through a door. The door was an entrance to a large and spacious courtyard and there was a large hall on the other side of the courtyard with the words written on its door plaque “Rule Enforcement hall”. It was the rule enforcement hall of Piaomiao sext, and there was powerful looking old man with a solemn face waiting inside, who was precisely the rule enforcement hall hallmaster Liu Yuzhou.

Upon seeing the new arrivals, Liu Yuzhou walked forward and greeted, “Greetings to the sect master.”

Ou Peng hurriedly returned the greeting, “Hallmaster Liu, please dispense with the ceremony. Has Shui Yupeng been brought inside?”

Hallmaster Liu cautiously replied, “Yes, sect master, the escort took painful cares to ensure his arrival so it took a little while longer. There were also family members of Shui Yupeng whom we brought along, and as sect master have instructed, we treated them well and nobody was harmed.”

Ou Peng nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “It has been hard on old hallmaster Liu, but I can only rest easy if this matter was handled personally by you.”

Hallmaster Liu smiled and replied, “Sect master is too kind, this is the job of this old man.”

Ou Peng smiled and said, “Old hallmaster Liu does not have to be so courteous, you have been the rule enforcement hall hallmaster for longer than I have been the sect master, your cautiousness in handling this matter is of great benefit to the sect. Alright, let’s go in to see this Luoshui sect’s sect master to see what we can gain from him.”

After finishing his sentence, he led the way in while the rest followed behind his tail.

The main hall of the rule enforcement sect was very large but there were not many chairs or windows. There was not much light coming from outside so the interior was dark and gloomy. Most of the disciples from this hall had gone to the discussion hall and the fields to join the celebrations, so only a few elite disciples were left standing guard inside.

These people bore blades in their hands as they guarded the area fiercely, not daring to allow any mistake because within this hall was the recently captured Luoshui sect’ sect master Shui Yupeng.

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