Chapter – 77

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Played a fool



The current Zhang Xiaohua learnt that five spiced meat was not the most delicious thing in the world, and he no longer dreamt of being able to eat five spiced meat. Rather, martial arts had become his new five spiced meat.

However, to be able to eat this ‘five spiced meat’ would require much effort on his part. Zhang Xiaohua could not help but wonder as he looked at the backs of the four men.

The courtyard was still quiet, and the group of azure robed men with little hats were probably still in dreamland like lazy pigs, how do they want to compete with Piaomiao sect’s disciples if they acted like this? Do they have the ability to do so? Even though he just arrived yesterday, Zhang Xiaohua had already begun to feel bored. Perhaps they expected him to not be able to stick through and decided to make fun of him while he was still here.

However, as he looked back to the house where he spent the night, Zhang Xiaohua felt his forehead hurt, why did this Liu Er have such a roommate? What could he not find someone else with better standards?

Zhang Xiaohua pinched his nose as he opened the windows. Even though summer had just arrived, the wind was still cold and the unpleasant still air was blown off by it.

Only then did Zhang Xiaohua dare to enter the room.

After finding a copper basin and washing his face, Zhang Xiaohua sat back on his bed and drank some water.

The Ma Jing who was opposite him flipped his body, stretched his lazy bones and sat up. He said, “Whoever falls asleep first, I would know his normal lifestyle.”

“Dang”, Zhang Xiaohua did not fall off the bed this time, it was the cup which dropped onto the bed. Zhang Xiaohua hurriedly kept his sheets to prevent them from getting wet while he smiled bitter and asked, “Elder brother Ma, why are you so poetic in the morning?”

Ma Jing shrugged and said, “I got inspired from my dream, so what about it? Your elder brother Ma cannot be poetic?”

Zhang Xiaohua complimented continuously, “It was a very good poem.”

Breakfast was held in the same canteen and the food was different for the two different groups again. Zhang Xiaohua was not confused this time as he already learnt the reason for so, and he minded his own business and ate his breakfast heartily. However, the rest of his group were unable to ignore what they felt was unjustified, they would share sarcastic remarks every now and then among each other. The other four people acted like they did not even hear them and they ate their breakfast heartily like Zhang Xiaohua. They treated the hostile glances like another accompanying dish as they hurriedly finished their meal and walked off, leaving behind a group of angry expressions on the remaining people.

After everyone had their fill, Zhang Xiaohua patted his full tummy and got up to leave the canteen. He noticed the remaining food on the table, recalled the way the other people had eaten and wondered if the workload on the fields was not too heavy? Why did they eat so little? Will they have the strength to work later on?

When Zhang Xiaohua returned to his room, his saw that Ma Jing has finished preparing himself and was about to walk out. The former quickly followed behind him, but just as he exited the room again, he heard Tian Zhongxi called to stop him.

Tian Zhongxi smiled as he said to Zhang Xiaohua, “Xiaohua, you do not need to hurry and start work after just arriving. Wait here while I let them arrange the work for the rest, and I will pick you up after then to arrange yours.”

Zhang Xiaohua was surprised and he answered, “Okay, I will wait over here for you.”

Tian Zhongxi saw that Zhang Xiaohua stood at door and he brought Ma Jing and the four well-fitted dressed men away first.

Zhang Xiaohua did not feel that the situation was strange, but Ma Jing secretly asked Qian Zhongxi, “Brother Xi, wouldn’t it be enough for me to take Zhang Xiaohua around, why must you bring him around personally?”

Tain Zhongxi replied, “Even though Zhang Xiaohua said that he was from Lotus escort, we are still unsure of his background. Even if there do not seem to be anything suspicious of, it will be safer if we checked his background thoroughly first. This is what the supervisor told me last night, so we will just need to follow his instructions.”

Ma Jing was stunned, and he said in despair, “Why you not said this earlier, I have already told him many of this mountain villa’s secrets.”

Tian Zhongxi was surprised for a while but he laughed and said, “What secret could you know? Whatever it is, it will not be a secret anymore if you know it. Even I do not know the important secrets of our mountain villa, where would you learn them from? Don’t overthink the situation, there should not be anything wrong with Zhang Xiaohua else Qiu Tong would not have brought him back.”

Ma Jing felt relieved after hearing that.

Zhang Xiaohua was waiting outside the door and he saw Tian Zhongxi brought the rest away when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned his head and realized that elder Yu has arrived, so he quickly paid his greetings. Elder Yu walked over, patted his shoulder and said smilingly, “Zhang Xiaohua, I heard that you wanted to learn martial arts?”

Zhang Xiaohua eyes brightened and he replied, “Yes, elder Yu.”

Elder Yu asked again, “Qiu Tong said yesterday that your strength is unordinary, and you could lift a fiver hundred jin weight?”

Zhang Xiaohua shook his head and said, “Elder Yu, my strength is pretty strong and I did lift two stone weights yesterday, but I am unsure of how heavy they were.”

Elder Yu said, “Wanting to learn martial arts is a good thing but you have already passed the best time to start learning. Still, it will be fine if we teach you some self-defense. As long as you work hard, I will find someone to teach you martial arts, okay?”

Zhang Xiaohua could not believe his own ears and he said excitedly, “Really, elder Yu, you won’t lie to me?”

Elder Yu smiled as he said, “Why would I lie to you, you will naturally find out in the future.”

Zhang Xiaohua smiled and said, “Haha, that would be great. I will definitely practice harder than second brother.”

Elder Yu asked, “You second brother has entered Lotus escort yesterday right?”

Zhang Xiaohua replied, “Yes, third uncle Wen from the Lotus escort even said that he had good potential and would be able to achieve something if he practiced hard.”

Elder Yu smiled as he encouraged Zhang Xiaohua, “Mm, if your second brother has potential, than you would naturally be not too far off as well. Train hard for the sake of your family.”

Zhang Xiaohua bowed again and said, “Thank you elder Yu for your encouragement, I will definitely do so.”

Elder Yu then left, but he thought as he walked away, “This Zhang Xiaohua seemed to be pretty normal, and his strength is also pretty average. I wonder why the young lady would pay so much attention to him and let him learn martial arts?”

Actually, elder Yu had misunderstood Ou Yan’s intentions, the latter had not looked upon Zhang Xiaohua favorably based on what she knew of him. Rather, she was reminded of her elder brother by Qiu Tong’s “love the crows that came on the roof of the house one loves” and had raised the suggestion casually. Furthermore, it was as simple as a sentence for someone of her position to allow a lowly servant to learn martial arts, especially since the person in question as a child who had passed the best age for learning martial arts.

Zhang Xiaohua stood outside the door for a meal worth of time before Tian Zhongxi came back and brought Zhang Xiaohua around for an orientation. Just as Ma Jing had said before, there were many rare unknown plants cultivated in Huanxi mountain villa. The crops included grains, flowers, herbs, and many others, and each had servants taking care of them. Tian Zhongxi and the other people were in charge of the herb fields, and he explained the various herbs to Zhang Xiaohua as he pointed to the fields from afar. Zhang Xiaohua has naturally not heard of any of the herbs before so he carefully carved them into his head, and was relieved that his duties were familiar to him as he only had to plant, weed and water them. Then Zhang Xiaohua thought back to the experience he had accumulated at home, he did not worry about any of those tasks.

For the following few days, Tian Zhongxi would orientate Zhang Xiaohua and not allow the latter to work, even when he was busy with his own work. Zhang Xiaohua felt that it was strange, but he continued his pattern of life where he would watch the four men practice martial arts in the morning, walked around the villa in the day, nap under the tree when he was free and listened to Ma Jing’s chatter in the night. This kind of life was very…. boring.

Zhang Xiaohua had come to learn martial arts but he was thrown here to familiarize himself with the area. Even though he got to eat things he never tasted before, and see and heard things outside his knowledge, he would always feel uncomfortable, not to mention the stench of feet in his room every night.

Actually, Zhang Xiaohua wanted to say something when he first arrived but was too awkward to do so. However, he could not bear the stench any longer so he asked Ma Jing politely to wash his feet before sleeping. Ma Jing did not heed him at all and continued to do as he pleased, so how do you think Zhang Xiaohua would feel? Finally, Zhang Xiaohua was forced to open the window every night to let in some fresh air, but the window would be closed by the time he woke up again, and the air would be as unpleasant as before. He guessed that Ma Jing must have felt cold in the night and thus closed the window.

On the afternoon of that day, Ma Jing said to Zhang Xiaohua mysteriously, “Xiaohua, do you think that my feet is smelly?”

Zhang Xiaohua replied awkwardly, “Only a little bit, but not too smelly.”

Ma Jing nodded his head and said, “I know this, but you do not have to worry about it from today on.”

“Really?” Zhang Xiaohua did not dare to believe his words, “You will start washing your feet?”
“No.” Ma Jing shook his head and said, “I have raised this matter to brother Xi and he said that he allows you to move to his room.”

“Is that true? Brother Xi said that to you?” Zhang Xiaohua asked.

“Mm, is true, that is what brother Xi said.” Ma Jing nodded his head and replied confidently.

Zhang Xiaohua said gratefully, “Brother Ma, you are such a kind person, thank you.”

Ma Jing laughed and did not say anything else, then went out to work in the medicinal fields.

Zhang Xiaohua packed his belongings in the afternoon, which consists of just the small knapsack and the roll of bedsheets. The rooms in the courtyards were always left unlocked so Zhang Xiaohua moved all his belongings onto Tian Zhongxi’s empty bed in that evening.

When Ma Jing and the rest returned to their rooms before dinner, Zhang Xiaohua did not see Tian Zhongxi and did not get the chance to thank the latter, so he followed Ma Jing as they went to the canteen to eat.

While they were eating, Tian Zhongxi entered the room with his body full of dust as though he did not wash up, sat down immediately to pick up his chopsticks and ate hurriedly. The people at his side asked softly, “Brother Xi, the water there has not been settled yet?”

Tian Zhongxi murmured with his mouth full, “Mm, it is not done yet. I will have to return in a short while.”

Zhang Xiaohua saw that he was busy and did not went up immediately. Just as Tian Zhongxi was about to leave, he went over and said, “Brother Xi, thank you. I have put my bedsheets on the bed for now.”

Tian Zhongxi was surprised and he asked, “Thank me for what? Where did you put the bedsheets?”

Zhang Xiaohua said curiously, “Brother Xi, didn’t you let me stay in your room? I have put my bedsheets onto the empty bed there.”

Upon hearing his reply, Tian Zhongxi’s face sunk and he said, “When did I ever allow you to stay in my room? Is other people’s room somewhere you can barge into so casually?”

After finishing his sentence, he hurried off without listening to Zhang Xiaohua’s explanation.

EN: MC just ignore that dumb…

7 thoughts on “Chapter – 77

  1. Elder Yu then left, but he thought as he walked away, “This Zhang Xiaohua seemed to be pretty normal, and his strength is also pretty average. I wonder why the young lady would pay so much attention to him and let him learn martial arts?”

    Always these retarded characters in LNs…he has no idea about xiaohua’s strength whatsoever, but he’s already judged it as pretty average. Sigh.


  2. I really don’t get why he’s not imitating the martial artists. Also not sure how he’s napping during the day when they made a point of the fact that he can’t.


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