Chapter – 54

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Seeing that the people from the procession had all scattered in different directions to flee, the Xicui mountain bandits did not pursue them knowing that these villagers would not have the guts to come back anytime soon. As long as they are not pushed to a corner, these people will not fight back, and by the time they returned, their bandit group would have already returned to their hideout.

The Liu Qing who was still in the sedan did not know what had happened outside, she heard Liu Yueyue and Zhang Xiaolong talking and knew that someone has come. Soon after, she heard Zhang Xiaolong’s cry of pain, which made her want to get out of the sedan. However, the village custom dictates that the bride does not remove her veil before the consummation so she hesitated. Then, there was no longer any sound from Zhang Xiaolong, but she could hear Zhang Xiaohua’s continuous yelps followed by the warning from the Xicui mountain bandits, and by then, she knew that the situation has turned for the worst. Without any doubts, she tore off her veil, drew the curtains and walked out of the sedan.

What greeted her was the scene of Liu Yueyue’s trembling shoulders and the lecherous gaze of the Xicui mountain big brother. The Liu Qing in that moment had been baptized by the spring water of the Zhang household and her beauty was no longer on the same level as Liu Yueyue; her skin was as smooth as jade, her eyebrows were arched with youthfulness and her almond shaped eyes contained liveliness. If the bullies who said that she was not pretty a month ago have seen her again, they would have changed their tunes immediately. She was extremely beautiful at that moment, and her regal aura made her appear more enchanting like an immortal that has descended into the mortal world. The big brother suddenly felt a pang of regret because this flower has been plucked by old third, and he doubt that the latter would give her up to him. It was a pity indeed.

Liu Qing did not pay any attention to the Xicui mountain big brother, nor did she comfort Liu Yueyue. Instead, she immediately ran up to the unconscious Zhang Xiaolong, and Zhang Xiaohua had managed to stand up by then and was limping in pain as he clenched his teeth and approached his eldest brother.

The Zhang Xiaohua of that moment had only one single thought in his mind, the seed that had budded into his heart was now in full bloom, and his conviction to learn martial arts was stronger than ever before. In order not to be strung like a fish on the line, there was only one route to take in life, and that is to become stronger.

Using absolute power to protect oneself, to protect one’s family, and to protect all people that needs protecting.

To prevent anyone from trampling on one’s dignity, so that no one would trample on one’s family’s happiness.

At this moment, our Xiaohua has matured and evolved, because he has found his goal in life.

However, the danger was still in full swing, but Zhang Xiaohua did not pay attention to it because he knew that no matter how devastating the result, time will still flow and the end will come. If he has tried to face his attackers courageously, he might lose his life in the process.

The people of Xicui mountain were unaware that they were adding fuel to the fire which could cause major changes to the Jianghu later on, they were arrogantly riding their horses around while preparing to bring the fresh meat back to their hideout.

Liu Qing ran to Zhang Xiaolong’s side and kneeled down, she looked on painfully as Zhang Xiaolong’s fresh blood dribble to dye his chest red, then carefully raised his head and held it to her bosom. Liu Qing did not cry, she was well aware of the situation she was in, and whatever resistance she put up would only make the assaulters become more excited. Perhaps her fate was already determined, and she has to bade farewell to the person she loved.

When Zhang Xiaohua finally limped over to Zhang Xiaolong’s side, Zhang Xiaolong managed to open his eyes weakly. He looked helplessly at his new bride, with regrets filling his heart. Even though the other party did not state their intention for assaulting him, the already awoken Zhang Xiaolong knew what was their aim, but how could he resist them?

He looked at his surroundings with difficulty, and there were only objects but not a single person left in the surroundings. He sighed in regret, his arm has only recovered recently and he sustained yet another injury on his shoulder soon after. He used his other hand to hold on to the hand which was made useless by the previous kick, and the couple looked silently into each other’s eyes, and their deep feelings of love and endless resentment was exchanged between them.

When Zhang Xiaohua saw the brother whom he respected and loved, as well as the sister-in-law whom he liked, and the scene in front of him, his heart was struck with pain and torment.

Liu Yueyue who was still by the sedan saw that Zhang Xiaolong has woken up, and she ran over urgently so that she could feel safer there. The Xicui mountain big brother did not obstruct her, and he lazily rode his horse over.

The other men also hurried their horses over to surround their victims.

Old third of the Xicui mountain lashed his whip in the air as he glued his eyes onto the Liu Qing who was still in her bridal dress, and his heart pumped more excitedly as he felt that his efforts have been well worth to be able to find a woman of such a caliber. The old second of Xicui mountain was also staring at Liu Qing, and his heart was full of jealousy as he regretted giving up such a beauty to old third, but he quickly comforted himself when he saw the pale-faced Liu Yueyue. Then, he sneaked a peek at his big brother who seemed enamored by the bride as well, so who knew to whom the bride will end up with, and he was happy as long as his prize was not stolen.

Liu Yueyue saw the approaching men and she instinctively covered her chest with her hands, stuttering, “What… What do you want?”

The old second from Xicui mountain smiled as he said, “I do not want anything much. It’s just that our hearts felt itchy when we saw this brother over here getting married, so we wanted to try out the experience of being a groom as well. When you looked at your sister becoming a bride, don’t you want to try it out for yourself as well? Shall we both practice together tonight?”

Even though she already knew what their intentions were, when Liu Yueyue heard his answer, she became even more afraid and said, “You… You…”

Liu Qing’s face was as white as paper, but she did not shiver as the person she loved the most was currently in her embrace. Zhang Xiaolong said weakly, “Dear esteemed heroes, this Lu town has no lack of beauties, how can these country girls be worthy of your eyes? If you are willing to let me and my wife go, then we will promise to bring all of our family’s wealth up to Xicui mountain.”

Old third of the Xicui mountain laughed loudly as he said, “These country girls here have already caught our eyes, and it is your fortune that they have done so. If you can obediently stay here while we bring them back with us, I will allow you to keep your life. If not, I will chop of your head right now so you can dream on about getting another bride again.”

Old second of the Xicui mountain also smiled and said, “You don’t seem to be from a rich family, what kind of wealth can you bring out to make my heart move? Just obediently give them up.”

At that moment, another person riding on a horse appeared and was speeding towards their direction. The Xicui mountain people could hear the sounds of the gallop from afar and they turned their heads up. Seeing that it was only a single person, they ignored him while the big brother wrinkled his brow and said, “Why are you still talking to them? Just bring them away, there will be often people passing by the main road. Do not touch the other men or horses, but kill them if they refuse to give the women up.”

When old second and old third heard his orders, they straightened their senses and immediately got off their horses and reached out to kidnap Liu Yueyue and Liu Qing.

Seeing the bad people about to touch his sister-in-law, Zhang Xiaohua immediately went up to the front to block their way. Old third of the Xicui mountain grab Zhang Xiaohua’s neck and threw him over to the side of the road before he took Liu Qing’s hands and dragged her up the horse.

Zhang Xiaolong tried to hold on to Liu Qing’s other hand, but how could he compete in strength with the old third of the Xicui mountain? Thus, he watched on helplessly as Liu Qing slipped off from his grip, and when her hand fell uselessly on his chest, it struck a hard object. Suddenly, Zhang Xiaolong’s eyes brightened as if he remembered something, and he shouted, “Dear fellow heroes, I have a relative in the Piaomiao sect and a plaque here as evidence. Since we are all acquaintances in Jianghu, can you please give us some leeway?”

“Piaomiao sect?” The Xicui mountain people froze. Old second and old third both let go off the ladies’ hands, and Liu Qing and Liu Yueyue scrambled back to Zhang Xiaolong’s side, and the person who was riding on the road minding his own business happened to pass them and picked up the words “Piaomiao sect”, which caused him to slow down his horse. However, the Xicui mountain people’s attention was fully focused on Zhang Xiaolong and they did not notice the third party’s actions.

The big brother of the Xicui mountain jumped off his horse and walked towards Zhang Xiaolong. He asked, “Where is the plaque? Show it to me.”

Zhang Xiaolong hurriedly used his uninjured arm to take out the plaque from his breast and threw it over. The big brother of the Xicui mountain carefully caught it and when he observed the item, his face turned dark as he passed it to old second and old third, who also looked at the plaque with a serious expression on their faces before returning it to the big brother. The three men exchanged glances and their expressions turned cold; the big brother slipped the plaque into his breast and smiled viciously, “What is this dog-fart plaque, you even dare to pick up some firewood and call it a plaque? Do you know who the Piaomiao sect’s people are? You even dare to say that you have relatives inside. Whatever, I was planning to spare you lives, but now I am going to send you to the underworld.”

At that moment, Zhang Xiaohua who already picked himself up walked over to his eldest brother side said bitingly, “So you all are planning to kill us to hide the evidence?”

Old third of the Xicui mountain smiled viciously as he said, “We are nowhere close to Piaomiao sect, so even if you die under our hands, who would find out about us? You can just prepare to die right now.”

After he finished his sentence, he waved his hands pulled Liu Qing and Liu Yueyue over with old second of the Xicui mountain, while the other four men brandished their weapons and walked closer towards them.

Right at this critical moment, a voice travelled from their backs, “Who says that Piaomiao sect is nowhere close to you? The phrase ‘further than the edges from the sky and right in front of your eyes’ is very suitable to describe your current situation now.”

The people from Xicui mountain turned their heads, and it was indeed the man who was riding from afar whom they thought have left long ago, yet was unexpectedly still beside them.

On seeing his tall stature, handsome appearance and grey attire, as well as the precious sword that was hanging on his waist, the big brother of the Xicui mountain hurriedly went up to greet, “These people here are the three wolves of Xicui mountain, may I know how to address you?”

That person smiled as he returned the greeting, “This person is Piaomiao sect’s Lu Yueming. I overheard that there are some relatives of a fellow sect member here, so I came over especially to see the evidence. Where is the plaque, I would like to inspect it.”

The big brother of the Xicui mountain replied, “Hero Lu has made a mistake, how could there be a relative of a fellow sect member from your distinguished sect here? I have just confiscated a counterfeit plaque from them, there is no need for this hero to see it.”

Lu Yueming maintained his smile as he insisted, “Whether or not it is real or fake should be decided by someone from our Piaomiao sect. If you let me take a look, I will ignore what I see here today as long as the plaque is not genuine.”

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  1. impressed with the ability of the author and the quality of the translator..
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  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Oho, good! It’s very good that there happened to be someone from the Piaomiao sect here 😀


  3. Wow, some upright sect member he is. “O, some innocent people are about to be kidnapped, raped and murdered. Welp, non of my business. What’s that? They have a sect plaque? Guess I should take two seconds out of my day to help them then.” Totally disgusting :/


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