Chapter – 29

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Consuming the pill



Ou Peng looked at the bone reinforcing pill on the table, and said, “This pill is only suitable for external martial arts practitioners, I plan to give it to Shi Niu, what do you all think?”

After finishing his sentence, Ou Peng looked towards fifth elder Liu and sixth elder Xu, because only the two of them were external martial arts practitioners.

Fifth elder Liu generously said, “Okay, I approve. Shi Niu has unordinary strength, and is even stronger than me. If he consumes the pill, it will definitely boost the strength of our sect.”

Sixth elder Xu pondered for a moment, and said, “I have no objections. Those disciples of mine have limited talents, and none are as good as Shi Niu. However, Shi Niu is too simple-minded so you will have to control him better.”

Ou Peng nodded and replied, “I have confidence in this.”

First elder Hu looked at the jade bottle with the Qi improving pills, and said, “It will be up to third junior brother to decide on the distribution of these Qi improving pills. If any of our disciples have some potential, they should be entitled to one, if not, we will not distribute any to them.”

Ou Peng smiled and said, “I will follow eldest senior brother’s suggestion. The number of herbs we have obtained this time is quite limited, so I will distribute them accordingly to the abilities of our disciples. From what little Hai and Qing’er have said, there are still many more of such herbs in the secret area. Furthermore, we already have its location, so there should be a never-ending supply of such herbs in the future. Everyone can be at ease; our personal disciples should be able to receive their share.”

First elder Hu smiled and said, “That would be for the best. We cannot let these pills spoil the harmony and comradery of our sect. In addition, we should reward little Hai and Qing’er for their efforts appropriately.”

Ou Peng replied, “En, my thoughts alike. I will pass one Qi improving pill to them each later on.”

First elder Hu said, “This is not urgent. Since we have taken our share of the Qi strengthening pill and bone reinforcing pill, I think that we should consume them first before discussing anything else.”

Ou Peng said, “Eldest brother is right. The records in our library state that we would require a full day to absorb the benefits of the pill. What do you all think if we enter the secret training room now?”

First elder Hu replied, “Okay, you can settle the sect affairs first, then call Shi Niu over and we can enter closed door training together.”

Ou Peng then called his first disciple Zhang Chengyue into the room, gave him some instructions, and not long after, a sleepy-eyed Shi Niu entered the discussion hall without realizing that a biscuit has dropped from the heavens into his hands.

There was a secret hidden door at the back of the discussion hall which lead to a long pathway, and the pathway was lit by burning torches on its sides. On first sight, the pathway appeared to be endless.

Ou Peng led everyone into the door and through the pathway, and after walking for the time it takes to boil a kettle of tea, they reached a large hall which was furnished with chairs and tables, as well as several doors that led to other places, if one raised his head, he would notice that the ceiling was quite open, about four to five zhang high, and from the patterns of the rocks, one could discern that he was in the belly of the mountain.

Ou Peng handed the jade box which contained the bone reinforcing pill to Shi Niu, pointed towards a door and said, “Go in, find a small room and consume this pill. Then, train as per norm for (nineXnine) eighty one times.”

Shi Niu received the jade box and walked towards the door without questions.

The others went to their own respective doors, found a small room, and entered closed door cultivation.

After Ou Peng found his room, he sat down with his legs crossed and circulated the Piaomiao’s martial art for one full round to adjust his mental state. Then, he took out the jade box from his breast, opened it and felt the refreshing scent waft up his nose, observed its pitch black appearance and solid texture which was completely unlike the Qi improving pills produced by his sect, and put it into his mouth. He felt a fluid like substance flowing on his tongue down his throat, which turned into a sort of warmth as it entered his body before coagulating inside his dantian.

At this moment, Ou Peng set aside his thoughts and focused his attention on activating the Piaomiao martial art to refine this warmth. Only silence permeated throughout the secret chamber.

After an unknown period of time passed, Ou Peng stopped cultivating and inspected his body, before feeling elated; the Qi strengthening pill truly deserved its reputation. Not only was his inner energy thicker, the true Qi flowed more smoothly through his meridians. From his estimation, he had circulated his Qi for exactly (nineXnine) eighty one times, and he thought to himself, “A heavenly pill indeed.”

Since Ou Peng has been sitting all this while, he finally got up, opened the door and entered the common hall. At this moment, first elder Hu, second elder Li, fourth elder Shangguan were already waiting inside.

Ou Peng stepped forwards and asked first elder Hu, “Eldest brother, how was it?”

First elder Hu replied with a smile, “It was indeed a legendary item. It saved me ten years worth of training.”

Upon hearing this, Ou Peng sent his congratulations.

Then, Ou Peng asked second elder Li on his harvest. Second elder Lin did not reply verbally, but he responded with a flick of his sword and upon seeing  a cun length of sword light from the sword, Ou Peng became ecstatic and he sent his congratulations again.

Fourth elder Shangguan did not wait for Ou Peng to question him, he immediately said, “Third brother, my inner energy has increased to almost twice it was before, this pill is truly wondrous. What about you?”

Ou Peng smiled and replied “I was fortunate. My Piaomiao martial art has more than doubled, and has crossed over the large accomplishment stage.”

Fourth elder Shangguan exclaimed in admiration.

After half a bell worth of time, fifth elder Liu, sixth elder Xu and Shi Niu has not left their chambers yet, and fourth elder Shangguan could not help but began to worry. Ou Peng said, “We probably have nothing to worry about. Inner energy is required to circulate for inner energy martial arts, but for external martial arts, they will have to refine their bones and flesh, so perhaps it requires more time.”

The people in the hall waited for two meal worth of time, before suddenly hearing unrestrained laughter from one of the stone rooms. Fifth elder pushed his door open, and his thick heavy frame has noticeably grown skinnier, while the two axes in his hands appear to be lighter for him. As he strode across the hall, his steps were light unlike before, so there were no doubt that his martial skills had improved.

In the next moment, another door opened, and sixth elder Xu walked out. There was no visible change in his physical appearance, but when he walked closer, everyone noticed temples region had a slight protrusion, whereas his hands has turned fairer and they gave off the feeling of white jade. Thus, everyone could guess that he had made some progress in his external martial arts.

When the six tigers of Piaomiao met each other again, they congratulated each other on their martial skills breakthrough.

Only Shi Niu in the last stone room has yet to come out.

Everyone felt that it was strange.

Ou Peng walked towards the stone room where Shi Niu was cultivating, and as he strained his ears, he heard the sounds of wind impact followed by Shi Niu’s heavy breathing; apparently, the latter was still in training.

Ou Peng looked at fifth elder Liu and sixth elder Xu, and wondered in his heart, “Old fifth and old sixth has already came out, could this Shi Niu’s martial art be even more profound? And thus has not completed his training?”

After another half bell worth of time, Ou Peng went over to listen again, but there was no change in the situation.

Ou Peng wondered in his heart, could this mark the birth of another top martial art expert in Piaomiao?

Yet another meal worth of time passed, and Ou Peng could no longer control his patience, so he opened the door slightly and peeked inside. In front of him was Shin Niu who was still practicing his Adamantyl hands. Each fist carried the force of wind, and after a while, he heard Shi Niu shouting “Seventy eight.” Then, he began all over from the first stance, but at this moment, Shi Niu noticed Ou Peng, and he said without halting his movements, “Sect master, please wait a little longer. I have just finished the seventy eighth repetition, and will be hitting eight one soon.” Each word was spoken with clarity, and his breathing was even without any sign of exertion, and his movements were not affected. Without thirty to fifty years of hard training, it would be impossible for him to achieve such a stage.

Thus, Ou Peng returned back to the hall and continued to chat idly while waiting for Shi Niu to complete all eighty one repetitions.

As everyone was standing in the hall, their legs began to ache and if not for the earlier miracle, they would have turned irate. Right at that moment, the door finally opened.

When Shi Niu walked out, his body appeared to be larger than before by a third, and there was even some faint luminescence on his skin, while his presence has grown more majestic, giving off the impression of a giant spirit.

Seeing Ou Peng, Shi Niu asked excitedly, “Sect master, what was the thing you gave me? How could it be so fragrant, and even tastier than ten bowls of rice? On usual days, I would be drenched in sweat from practicing Adamantyl hands for three rounds, but today, I still do not feel tired after completing eighty one repetitions. I even feel like I have excess energy to train for a while more.”

Everyone laughed in their hearts.

Ou Peng asked, “Shi Niu, how does you martial skill now compare from before?”

Shi Niu scratched his head, and said, “I don’t know. It feels like I am stronger than before. I could kill a bull in the past, but I think I can kill a bear now.”

Fifth elder Liu stepped forward and said, “Shi Niu, use your full strength to hit me.”

Upon hearing his instruction, Shi Niu did not hesitate and struck out a punch. Fifth elder Liu also raised him palms to welcome the strike while planning to use eighty percent of his full strength, but as the fist got closer and the force of the fist blew towards him, he became shocked and changed to execute his full strength.

Seeing the two men colliding towards each other, with a “Ping” sound, Shi Niu took one step back while creating a deep impression on the floor, while fifth elder Liu took five consecutive steps back leaving his footprints of the floor with each step.

Holding his slightly sore fist, fifth elder Liu walked to Shi Niu and said, “You little rascal, your progress is really huge. I am afraid that I am not your opponent anymore.”

Upon hearing the compliment, Shi Niu smiled naively.

Sixth elder Xu who was at a side said, “Fifth brother is too humble, Shi Niu trains in his fist but you train with an axe. I am afraid that he is not a match for your axe.”

Fifth elder patted on Shi Niu’s sculpture-like muscles and said, “I naturally know that. Come, Shi Niu, let’s get a drink.”

Then, he pulled Shi Niu as they walked back towards the long pathway.

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