Chapter – 21

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The sword was like black electricity as it shot towards a corner of the box, carrying the colors of Piaomiao sect’s martial technique along with it.

It was a pity that this electricity was not real lightning from the sky, and as “Breakwater” landed on the corner of the box, it did not cause any sound from the collision like the previous attempt. Nevertheless, there were a slight difference; a barely perceivable glow emitted from the box and hugged the sword blade when it approached, causing the sword to rebound towards Ou Peng like electricity.

Upon seeing the oncoming “Breakwater” heading towards him, even though he had faced the back of the sword, Ou Peng had no doubts that his body would be chopped into half if the blade hit him.

Ou Peng was indeed deserving of his reputation as one of the top martial exprts in Jianghu and the sect master of Piaomiao sect; even at the face of danger, he was able to make the split second decision to execute Paiomiao sect’s ultimate technique “Piaomiao Steps” to avoid the incoming danger. The black electricity that was imbued with the multicolor light barely scratched his forehead, and as “Breakwater” flew out his hands and shot towards the stone wall of the discussion hall, it did not cause a loud sound upon the collision, but was embedded deeply into the wall as if the wall was tofu.

Only a few breaths of time passed from when Ou Peng raised the sword to the sword flying out of his hands and into the wall. Everyone almost had no time to react, and as they looked at the sword which was entrenched in the wall, they all had only one thought in their hearts “What a fast sword.”

Unfortunately, these were not the thoughts currently in Ou Peng’s mind. When he saw the few strands of his hair gently descending onto the floor, his whole body broke out in cold sweat. Having been in the Jianghu for so many years, Ou Peng had encountered his face share of dangers and surprises, but none were as ridiculous as the earlier moment. In his heart, he thanked Piaomiao sect’s grand headmaster, and he thanked his own master, and he thanked this “Piaomiao Steps”, for he would no longer be alive if not for them.

As everyone else regained their senses, and then looked at their sect master again, the ghostly pallor on his face has regained some of its earlier flush. He was even more cautious of the box now, and said to Zhang Chengyue “Chengyue, take this box and keep it in the secret book repository on your way back. Since we cannot open it, we shall leave it to up to the fate of the future generations.

Then, he waved his hands and motioned for Zhang Chengyue to bring it away.

Ou Peng truly deserves his reputation as one of the most dignified heroes in Jianghu. If it were someone else in his shoes, the person might not have placed the box within Piaomiao sect, and instead kept it in his own private collection, while slowly wearing the box down until the day he managed to extract the treasures from within. Thus, his decision was admired by everyone, and this was actually one of the reasons why he was chosen as the sect master over the other five of his fellow brother disciples.

Actually, everyone was well aware in their hearts that they did not have the personal ability to open the box, and even the thousands of people in the sect would be unable to. However, the sect master’s open way of dealing with such a situation meant that they could sharpen their skills and try again in the future.

Then, Ou Peng discussed the matter of the next meeting which Sir Yanming proposed, and everyone agreed that given the large gains from the earlier expedition, the next meeting would not be as simple anymore. Thus, they should wait for the first and second elder to return before discussing again. Finally, Ou Peng waved his hands, and everyone scattered back to their respective places, leaving only Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing behind in the discussion hall.

As everyone took their leave, they nodded at the two as they passed them by, knowing that the sect master had requested the two to stay behind in order to award them for their success. With such fruitful returns from the trip, it seems that these two later generation disciples would be in for a good reward.

After everyone left the discussion hall, Zhang Chengyue and old four went to the secret books repository together. The sword manual was naturally placed on the bookshelf, but the box was very ordinary looking for something of its value, and even if it was placed in a conspicuous location, it may not fulfil the intentions of the sect master. After pondering, old fourth pointed to the table beside the bookshelf and said “Junior nephew, why don’t we place it there for the time being. You can ask your master again when you meet him later.” Zhang Chengyue agreed that it was the most suitable temporary solution, thus, he casually put it on the table. Anyway, all visitors to the secret books repository would have their names recorded, so they were unafraid if someone did take it away. How many people would have the ability to open the box anyway?

Zhang Chengyue and old four left worry-free, and thus, the box had found its home in the Piaomiao sect’s secret books repository, while waiting for its predestined owner.

In the discussion room, Ou Peng waited for everyone else to leave before he spoke again, this time with a large grin on his face “Little Hai, Qing’er, you have performed exceptionally well this time round. What would you like as a reward?”

Wen Wenhai took a step forwards and reminded “Master, there are still two more matters that I have yet to report, I shall say them now.”

Ou Peng nodded in approval.

Then, Wen Wenhai repeated the words that Sir Yanming said in the secret area “When disciples are out on a mission, whatever treasure that they are fated to encounter will belong to them.” However, Ou Peng’s mood did not change upon hearing and he asked jovially “So what treasure did you obtain?”

Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing walked forward and took out the three mature herb stalks that they took in the secret area and placed them before Ou Peng, saying “We did not find any pill or weapon, so Sir Yanming allowed us to pick three stalks of herbs to keep.”

Ou Peng laughed “This Sir Yanming is truly smart. He actually thought of such an idea in order to obtain more gains for himself. How can we object when he shared the gains with our disciples?”

When they heard Ou Peng’s reaction, Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing were shocked and they urgently asked “So there was no agreement like such? Then, as for the herb?”

Ou Peng said “It is okay since Sir Yanming has already allowed it. Being your master, I cannot take advantage of my position and restrict your welfares. Furthermore, there are still many of these in the secret area, so you only received your share slightly earlier than the rest.”

Only then did Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing calm down. Even though there were many of such herbs in the secret area, but how much could each disciple receive after the distribution? At the same time, they realized Sir Yanming’s intentions. Even though the herbs were going to be distributed by their respective factions, given Sir Yanming’s experience and martial skill level, his chances of receiving a significant reward may not match up to his own desires.”

Then, Ou Peng continued “You should bring these herbs to the pharmacy so that hallmaster Bai can refine some pills for you. It should be more effective that consuming the herbs on their own. Otherwise, if any problem cropped up, then wouldn’t it be a waste of such a valuable resource?”

Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing nodded their heads in understanding.

Ou Peng pitied his two disciples, and said again “You have contributed greatly to the sect with your meritorious deed, so I cannot let you go without any rewards. What else would you like?”

Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing exchanged glances. Actually, they had not expected such bountiful dangers or rewards before they set off. Even Ou Peng was surprised by the harvest of the mission, not to mention the two disciples. Thus, he was unprepared to reward them, and asked the two for their opinions instead.

Xue Qing replied “Master, we had not thought that far ahead. The reason for this mission’s success is due to master’s clever devising, furthermore, we have already gained many benefits, so there is no need to reward us any more than this.”

Ou Peng felt satisfied as he looked at his two disciples, and then said ”Good. In that case, I will record that I owe you a reward, since it will not be too late when either of us think of an idea of what you should be rewarded with.”

Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing both smiled as they agreed.

Ou Peng asked “About the other matter?”

Xue Qing went forward and kneeled  “Master, it went like this.” Then, she recounted the events that led to her giving her plaque to the Zhang family.

Ou Peng replied “You both did well. Entering the Jianghu is to gain power to protect the ordinary folks, I am proud to be your master. Zhang family was willing to stick their heads out in such a difficult situation; this demonstrates their goodness, so you do not need to worry that they will misuse the plaque. I fully approve of Qing’er’s actions.”

Only then did Xue Qing stood back up.

Ou Peng then said “Little hai, Qing’er, both of you must be worn out. Go back and get some rest, and prepared for the inner competition that is beginning in a few days’ time. Come find me if you meet any difficulties in your training.”

Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing then bowed and took their leave.

When they reached the entrance of the discussion hall, Ou Peng suddenly shouted “Shitu Ping of the fierce tiger sect also entered the secret area, did she take three stalks of herbs as well?”

Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing exchanged glances, and replied “Yes, but we left earlier so we did not know how they handled the matter.”

Ou Peng nodded his head as he returned to his own thoughts.

At this moment, fierce tiger sect’s Shitu Ping was not in good spirits like Wen Wenhai and Xue Qing, she was currently seated in the discussion hall of thousand swords peak sect, with a face full of disbelief as she looked at the sect master Wan Chengjiu. In an unwilling tone, she asked again “Was there really not such agreement?”

Thousand swords peak’s Wan Chengjiu had a long dark face and a short brawny stature. He smiled without revealing his teeth and said “Shitu sect master, would I lie about such a matter? Xiangyang, take all the herbs which you picked and pass them to your senior uncle Cheng with the rest of the herbs so he can refine pills from them.”

Ma Xiangyang lowered his head as he replied “Yes, sect master.”

Then, Wan Chengjiu said to Shitu Ping again “Sect master Shitu, the herbs which you picked must be returned to our thousand swords peak. After we refine them, we will carefully decide the appropriate portion for you before distributing it to the others.”

Shitu Ping was naturally very unwilling to hand her share of the herbs over, but the other party was much stronger than her. After pondering for half a bell worth of time, she clenched her teeth as she passed over the herbs in her possession. Towards Wan Chengjiu’s promise, she was not at all interested. Why would she want to receive some of the pills when she could have enjoyed the benefits exclusively? Ma Xiangyang was Wan Chengjiu’s own disciple, who could she tell if the herbs he surrendered in her face would be returned to him privately later? Whatever. Shitu Ping shook her head as she tried to wash away the unhappy thoughts.

At this moment, Wan Chengjiu said again “Sect master Shitu, you have helped our sect with a meritorious deed, thus deserve some repayment. What do you think of our thousand swords peak’s power?”

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