Chapter – 1

Namangan, Uzbekistan

Time: 5-30 PM

This was a huge hall. In the hall, though people were present, there’s an absolute silence. Hundreds of people filled the stands watching intently and scarcely breathing. Two television cameras were quietly doing their job. Quietly standing in the distant, there were some people taking photos with the help of lenses.

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New Novel – Girl in the Moonlight

Hey you guys still kickin?

Myself and my friend are working on this novel – Girl in the Moonlight. It’s an Indian novel written by Yandamoori Veerendranath. Original language is in Telugu, and Kannada.

I hope you guys like it.

Synopsis :

Girl in the moonlight revolves around a chess player and a telephonic conversation. The novel starts with a young chess player, Revanth, who went to Russia for participating in World Championships. Interestingly, Revanth won the world championship and became champion.

He got a call from an unknown girl who congratulates him. She likes him very much and follows him. During the conversation, she challenged him to identify her name and address. In return, he also started liking her and found out the first part of her name.

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Indefinite break

Hi All

Thanks for following this novel so far.

I am sorry to announce this but i will not be translating in the near future.

I started this project because i entered the workforce recently then, and had much spare energy to direct somewhere. At the same time, there were not many translations that exceeded 100 chapters out there, so i wanted to give back a little to the community. However, as I have gotten more busy lately, it has become draining just to take out a few hours to translate a chapter.

I still remain as an avid reader of other translations, and would like any aspiring translators out there to know that they are free to pick up this novel if they wish too.

Thanks again for reading my translations.